Maron’s community-minded, Yorktown needs to prioritize the environment



I am writing to express my support for Tom Mallon, a Yorktown resident who is running for City Council this year.

Tom is honest, straightforward, and down-to-earth, which is exactly what you want in an elected official. He cares about his community. This is evident from his work with Scout and Grunge, which others have written about in more detail.

Most important to me is Tom’s presence in the community and his habit of asking questions. I’ve met Tom at dozens of local events since he started running for office, and he has driven through my neighborhood many times to speak to residents.

Tom is always aware of what’s going on in town when we speak and I strongly agree with his priorities. Yorktown is too expensive and continues to undergo massive development that doesn’t help young people stay in the neighborhoods they grew up in, and doesn’t help seniors stay in the towns they aspire to.

Lately, I’ve spoken at length about the need for our city to prioritize the environment, especially regarding the severe flooding that seems to be the new normal. Yorktown doesn’t have enough wetlands anymore. We need more green ground to absorb water.

Tom is a charming speaker, thoughtful and kind person. I plan to vote for him on Tuesday, November 7th. I encourage everyone at Yorktown to support him as well.


Dina DiPaola-Galli


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