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The agency said: “Flooding is possible on some major rivers including the River Severn, River Ouse and River Trent.”

Sunday 22 October 2023 00:30 UK

The Environment Agency (EA) has warned that flooding from major rivers could continue until Tuesday after Storm Babette.

Despite the worst of the storm having passed, rivers across North Yorkshire, the Midlands and the south-west could continue to flood, authorities said.

EA flood duty manager Catherine Smith said: “Flooding is likely to continue on some large rivers, including the River Severn, River Ouse and River Trent, until Tuesday.

Derby City Council said water levels in the River Derwent were at record levels and cleaning could take several days.

Photos collected by Sky News teams in Rotherham and Catcliffe, South Yorkshire, showed cars submerged up to the top of their doors.

Why does it rain so much in Britain?

In Scotland, where a red weather warning was in place for the east of the country on Saturday, many homes without power were reconnected.

Scottish & Southern Electric Networks said it had restored power to 36,000 customers and “reconnected the remaining 700 properties” by 4.45pm on Saturday after a “day of progress”. He said that he was making “the final push” toward this goal.

It added that the most vulnerable customers were being “addressed directly and provided with practical help, support and accommodation where needed”.

The last remaining Japan Meteorological Agency weather warning for rain expired at midnight.

Rugby field submerged in floods

A company operating a drilling platform off the coast of Aberdeen in the North Sea has announced that it has removed non-essential personnel after four of the platform’s eight anchors came loose due to bad weather caused by Storm Babette.

Stena Drilling Limited said two coastguard helicopters and one search and rescue helicopter were called out to “transfer 45 non-essential personnel from the drilling party to nearby platforms and Samborough in the Shetland Islands”. Ta.

The Stena Spey platform remains secure and stable, the company added.

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Car washed away on bridge near Dundee

In London, King’s Cross station was closed on Saturday afternoon to “manage passenger numbers”.

Administrators said this was because Storm Babette had caused “significant disruption to the rail network”.

A retired man with Parkinson’s disease said there was a “high chance of getting stuck” at the terminal in central London, which was overcrowded.

John Hinson, 61, from North Ferriby, East Yorkshire, said people were “bumping into barriers” trying to reach the train.

“It was really dangerous,” he said.

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