Mahfud highlights environmental dilemma amid abundant resources



jakarta. Vice presidential candidate Mohamad Mahfud said that Indonesia currently faces the dilemma of unresolved issues related to food security and the environment despite having abundant natural resources. I am aware of this.

Wearing the uniform of the nature-loving student group (Mapara), Mr. Mahood cited the Tori Hita Karana principle of Balinese culture and said that environmental sustainability is rooted in Indonesia’s local cultural wisdom. “Trihitakarana” is a Balinese philosophy that embodies the concept of a harmonious relationship between her three realms: humans, nature and the environment, and the spiritual world.

Although the constitution mandates the management and use of natural resources for the prosperity of the people, Indonesian farmers still lack authority.

“Our country is rich in natural resources, but food sovereignty has not been achieved,” Mahfud said during a vice presidential debate held at the Jakarta Convention Center on Sunday. “It’s increasing. Something must be wrong.”

Mahfud, who is Ganjar Pranowo’s running mate, also addressed the issue of natural resource conflicts and pollution as a side effect of industrialization.

“Our air is polluted… investors are coming in, industrialization is happening, the environment is being destroyed and people are suffering,” Mahfud said.

“Natural resources are a source of conflict between peoples and between governments,” he added.

The former president of the Constitutional Court also pointed out that the current government has not taken sufficient measures to protect the environment.

The pair Ganjal and Mahfud run empowerment programs such as “Farmers Proud of Agriculture” and “Supremacy of the Seas, Prosperity of Fishermen.”

Mahfud is determined not to let his programs fail and harm the environment, citing the example of food estate programs that faced environmental challenges.

Vice presidential candidates Muhaimin Iskandar, Gibran Rakabumin, and Dr. Mahfud participated in the 4th presidential debate held at the Jakarta Convention Center, focusing on environmental issues, agriculture, energy, and food security. Discussed.

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