Luc Clairvaux appointed as new director of environment and coastal resources



Luc Clerveaux is the new Director of Environment and Coastal Resources (DECR).

A government press release said Clairvaux’s distinguished career in environmental management and coastal resource management earned him this prestigious position.

The Deputy Governor and Director of Public Services, Her Excellency Anya Williams, congratulated Mr Clairvaux on his appointment as the new Director of Environment and Coastal Resources, saying: Environment and Coastal Resources (DECR) Mr. Clairvaux has served DECR for over 18 years, rising from the position of Environmental Director to Assistant Director, Deputy Director, and now Director. He is highly trained and has both his academic and professional background, passion and skills to take on this new role, and we are confident that he will do extremely well. ”

Clairvaux’s journey in environmental management and coastal resource management began with humble roots as a student at Iris Stubbs Elementary School at Calvary Christian School and then as a graduate of Marjory Basden High School in South Caicos. He went on to earn an associate degree in business studies from Turks and Caicos Islands Community College. Driven by a passion for environmental conservation, Clairvaux completed a Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Conservation at the University of Reading in 2012.

His educational journey continued in 2016 with a Master of Science in Coastal and Marine Resource Management from the University of Portsmouth. He is committed to continuous learning and has also attended several professional development courses and obtained additional certifications in various aspects of environmental management.

Mr Clairvaux, who has made a significant contribution to the public service since 2005, first joined the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources as Environment Officer. Over the years, he has served in various capacities with a passion for a variety of projects in biodiversity conservation, fisheries, and protected areas throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands. He was appointed Deputy Director of DECR in 2017 and became Deputy Director in 2020.

Reflecting on his appointment, Mr Clairvaux said: “Conserving natural resources is not just a job for me, it is a lifelong commitment. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to lead the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources.” We are committed to doing so, and we will do our best.” It is about working with our dedicated team and stakeholders to ensure a sustainable and vibrant future for our unique ecosystem. ”

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