Love Field Neighbors presents noise mitigation proposal at Environmental Committee meeting



Residents living near Love Field are still angry about the noise coming from the municipal airport, but for the most part they seem to understand that the enemy is not the city of Dallas. Airlines are the ones not complying with voluntary noise bans.

The Love Field Citizen Action Committee is working with airport officials to prepare for a presentation to the Dallas City Council, currently scheduled for November 1st. The Good Neighbor Program at Dallas Love Field is scheduled to host a conference at the AviationFoxtronics building on October 17th at 6 p.m. 3448 W. Mockingbird Lane.

The Department of Aviation plans to explain the voluntary noise program to the Dallas City Council at its Nov. 1 meeting.

Aviation Director Patrick Carreno presented 14 recommendations to the city’s Environmental Commission on Wednesday. Most are supported by airport staff. One thing is not.

While the Citizens Action Committee’s collaborative and thoughtful approach appears to be a good strategy for success, lengthy emails remain among Love Field’s neighbors who have lost hope that the noise will subside. It is replaced regularly.

“So many lies were told to get us here,” resident Andy Wallace wrote in an email. “Southwest Airlines effectively won in every scenario, and it was all about eliminating the need to take a taxi to Denton.” [ runway] You can save on taxes by paying for your device kindly. I had to stop worrying about this so much because it was causing too much stress. I’ve talked to others who feel the same way, and the community is still the organization that always seems to be ignored in every airport decision. ”

Noise countermeasure suggestions

CAC co-chair Steve Klein and commissioners Kelly Lutcher and Pat White addressed the noise issue at last week’s Environmental Committee meeting.

“Our main goal is to bring about a change in culture,” Klein said. “We feel that nothing will change without a top-down cultural change that puts noise sensitivity issues at the forefront of Dallas Love Field’s operating culture.”

Klein added that the number of seaplanes at the airport is at an all-time high.

“We operate in a federally regulated environment and offer several tools to locally control airport operational noise, many of which require FAA approval,” he said. Stated.

All 14 of the CAC’s recommendations are realistic, and some have no associated costs, Klein said.

Read the full October 11 Environment Committee presentation and Citizen Action Committee background document.

The Citizen Action Committee’s 14 recommendations are:

  1. Includes a voluntary noise ban at Love Field and prohibits passenger flight schedules from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. in VNP.
  2. The Ministry of Aviation will periodically notify carriers about the VNP.
  3. The Ministry of Aviation will improve communication with stakeholders.
  4. TRINITY departures are converted by the FAA to Area Navigation (RNAV) departure procedures.
  5. Establish a departure procedure similar to a TRINITY departure to runway 13L/31R (parallel to Lemon).
  6. Conduct research to identify the most beneficial Noise Abatement Departure Profile (NADP).
  7. Part 150 Consideration.
  8. Establishes city resources for soundproofing programs.
  9. Perform detailed investigations to determine eligibility for sound isolation programs for residential, educational, medical, and religious facilities with a day/night average noise level (DNL) noise contour of 65 or higher.
  10. Conduct a research evaluation to determine the effectiveness of constructing a noise barrier between Denton Avenue and Dallas Love Field.
  11. Create new DNL contours using 2023 data.
  12. Adds interim restrictions on the use of reverse thrust, depending on weather and safety conditions.
  13. Liaise with airlines and aircraft operators to operate quiet aircraft models (such as Boeing’s MAX and Airbus’ NEO) during quiet hours.
  14. Improve your current Noise and Operations Monitoring System (NOMS) and add additional technology/software and reporting capabilities.

Carreno said at the Oct. 11 Environment Committee meeting that all proposals except No. 7 are supported by aviation ministry staff. He explained that Recommendations 8 and 9 provide a better solution than Stakeholder Proposal 7, which called for a voluntary FAA-regulated process for airport noise investigations.

“Some of these actions will be subject to review by the FAA,” Carreno said. “Some things will take time to implement. Our recommendation is to move forward with 13 of his 14 recommendations.”

Neighbors of Dallas Love Field say ‘noise is intolerable’

Residents of Bluffview, Elm Thicket/North Park, Briarwood, Love Field West, Bordeaux Village and Highland Park hear airport noise day and night despite the voluntary curfew. It says that there are.

Attorney Henry Simpson said, “The intolerable levels of noise generated by Southwest Airlines planes are currently prevalent after midnight and before dawn, and the continued nuisance is subject to a court injunction.” It has become such a point that its publication is justified.” “The voluntary grounding of aircraft is a charade used to mislead those affected into believing that some reasonable effort is being made to suppress aircraft noise generated at and around Love Field.” It doesn’t exist.”

Residents say they were told that once construction of the Denton runway is complete in June 2022, departures will be more evenly distributed between the Lemon Avenue and Denton Drive runways, but in reality that is not the case. There wasn’t, said resident Keith Menter.

“For 70 years, Denton Airstrip was the primary airstrip,” he said. “Before 2014, there were only 50 flights a week from the Lemmon airstrip. Now there are more than 200 a day. It is surrounded by many neighborhoods and residences.

Carreno said noise is a top priority, but public safety comes first.

“If you land on the Denton side and have to taxi back, you’re crossing a very busy runway,” he told in August. “It’s not the safest.”

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