Live’s Kelly Ripa admits morning show has ‘red flag work environment’, teases her future on the show



LIVE’s Kelly Ripa admitted the morning show was a “red flag” in terms of working conditions.

Kelly co-starred with actor Alec Baldwin on the latest episode of the Let’s Talk Off Camera podcast.

Live’s Kelly Ripa admitted on her podcast ‘Let’s Talk Off Camera’ that there may be red flags at work.Credit: ABC
She told guest Alec Baldwin that she had read that it could be a red flag if employees referred to themselves as “family.”Credit: ABC

During the podcast, the conversation turned to Live and its work environment.

“If you say the work environment and the people there are like family, that’s a red flag,” Kelly said of her work environment.

“So we’re all working in a red flag environment,” she declared.

Alec mentioned producer Gelman, with whom he has worked in the past, and praised his interaction with his former team.

Kelly joked about Gelman during a live performance: “How long has he been here? He’s given up on every dream he’s ever had.”

She asked the program assistant how long she had been on the show.

They told Kelly they believed Gellman had been on the show for “40-odd years.”

“That’s not true,” Alec said, almost disgusted.

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Live fiasco

Recently, fans slammed Kelly and Mark for “the stupidest segment ever.”

Fans of the daytime show said the host took the viral challenge “wrongly.”

On Thursday’s show, Kelly, 53, wanted to take on a TikTok challenge.

“I want to take on this challenge with you, because…” she told Mark, 52.

“I don’t know if you guys have seen the Chair Challenge. It’s taking over TikTok, which I don’t have.”

Kelly continued, “But this actually just popped up in my newsfeed, so, um.”

“Do you want me to do it?” Mark asked.

“I want you to do it. I want to do it. I want to see it. They say men can’t do it, but of course Gelman was like, ‘I tried it, I can do it.’ So there you have it,” Kelly said.

Mark asked if they should do it now, and Kelly tried to demonstrate the challenge.

“I’ll explain how this works,” she said.

host fails

The hosts walked to another part of the set, and Kelly said she would go first because the challenge said “only women can do it.”

The challenge is that someone has to take three steps back from a wall and lower their head at a 90 degree angle.

“You should put your head against the wall,” Kelly said.

The host was about 3 inches away, so Mark told her to “scoom up.”

Once she did that, she dragged the small table under her and lifted it.

“And they say men can’t do that,” Kelly told her husband.

Mark tried it and it came out almost perfect, except for the table momentarily hitting the wall.

“You’re soft.”

Kelly asked him how he could do that.

“I’ll tell you why,” Mark said. “This TikTok generation is soft.”

“Especially boys. Be flexible. If you can’t do that, do sit-ups.”

Kelly wonders why the live staff are so good and calls out two men from the audience.

They were both up to the challenge.

When Kelly and Mark returned to their seats, Kelly said, “That’s really stupid.”

“I was really excited because I wanted to show the guys something they couldn’t do,” she said.

“Apparently, no one else can do that except us in this studio.”

The two discussed producers Gelman and Alec’s experience the last time they were on the show.Credit: ABC
With a family theme, Gellman has been on the show for about 40 years.Credit: ABC
Alec joked about that fact, saying it was just “wrong”Credit: Getty Images

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