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Airport expansion is bad
For the Auckland environment

Re: “Name change plan goes awry at SFO” (Page B1, April 2).

Auckland Airport is undergoing an update that will not only change its name but also modernize and expand its facilities. Plans include up to 16 new gates.

Providing more convenient and potentially cheaper air travel would certainly increase the number of flights via Auckland, but what are the downsides? Such a development could also increase local cancer It turns out that it will increase respiratory diseases, severe noise pollution, and (in no small part) accelerate global warming.

Electric trains are much more efficient, cleaner, sustainable and convenient for short journeys than planes. Almost all other developed countries know this. Developing rail to replace air travel is a low-hanging fruit to meeting climate goals and providing hope for generations to come.

But in America, at every turn, it seems like toxic short-term money-making interests are drowning out long-term health and prosperity. That needs to change.

Jeffrey Beeman
El Sobrante

community should stop
growth at the airport

Re: “Name change plan goes awry at SFO” (Page B1, April 2).

The plan to change the name of Oakland Airport to “San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport” is a desperate attempt by the Port of Oakland to justify its ill-fated expansion plans to add a new terminal and 16 additional gates. exposing mistakes. With or without expansion, traffic he claims will increase by 50% by 2038.

The expansion plan faces overwhelming opposition from a coalition of 75 environmental justice, youth, environment, labor, religious, scientific, medical, and community organizations. Expanding traffic at Oakland Airport will further pollute the air and increase rates of childhood asthma, heart disease, and cancer that already afflict East Oakland’s low-income black and brown communities under the flight path. Dew.

david fecke

General technology
bad for workers

Re: “Will AI kill jobs? In California, it’s complicated” (Page C7, April 1).

Your article about AI and Silicon Valley jobs leaves out the broader and already devastating job losses of “ordinary” workers caused by the replacement of workers by technology. Isn’t that the essence of technology: increasing efficiency in the name of eliminating “costly” work that has traditionally been necessary for humans?

Combined with state economic policies that favor large corporations and minimum wages of $20 an hour, technological “advancements” are making it possible for economically powerful companies to replace humans with robots. It is forcing small and medium-sized workplaces out of business. And the government is doing the same. Are there any signs that Bay Bridge toll collectors will be returning to work?

You could write an article about how AI and technology is generally negatively impacting the job market for most potential workers in California.

Christian Witten

Programs with low vocabulary skills
trump is not qualified

First, it was “perverse” Hillary. Now it’s “crooked” Joe Biden.

This repetition supports analysis that concludes that Donald Trump’s abilities are at a third-grade level, and four-star Marine General Jim Mattis says Trump has “the comprehension skills of a fifth or sixth grader.” He said he had.

There are dozens of synonyms for crooked, but “Donald” doesn’t correspond to any of them. A person with a limited vocabulary and lacking the intellectual curiosity to acquire an adult vocabulary will have no use in the White House.

The world is demanding and full of subtle complexity. We need experience and cool heads, not the spoiled bubble boys whose first act in 2017 was to insult the Australian Prime Minister and two weeks ago to disparage Australian Ambassador to the US Kevin Rudd.

mike scott
walnut creek

Trump’s fraud should be like this
not discounted

Re: “The Fraud Behind Accusing Donald Trump of Fraud” (page A6, March 28).

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