Learn how to set up a Desert Forest modular environment using UE




Hi! My name is Zhuo Chen Yuan (RYuan) from China. I am an aspiring environment and lighting artist and a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University. Influenced by all kinds of animation and movies, creating virtual worlds has been my dream since childhood. So being an environmental artist is my dream job.

However, I didn’t have the opportunity to pursue this dream until I majored in Interactive Media Arts while attending NYU Shanghai. With more time on her hands due to the pandemic, in third grade she started learning the basics of her 3D using Blender, trying to create visual art and her 3D animations for classes and personal projects. .

I didn’t know until this year’s GDC (Game Development Conference) that everything I make doesn’t follow industry standards and that software like the Substance 3D kit, ZBrush, etc. At the conference, I attended all the presentations related to environmental art and tried to connect with the presenters and other artists. All the tips and critiques they provided helped me improve my work pipeline. During his graduate program, he also worked on an animation studio project for two semesters, giving him the opportunity to work on the environment and continue making progress.

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