Leading experts discuss Tibet’s water imbalance and conflict at the 4th Tibet Environmental Conference in Thailand



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Guest speakers: Dr. Tsewang Gyalpo Arya (Representative of the Tibet Office in Japan) and Dr. Sayamol Charoenratana (Vice Director of the Institute of Social Studies, Chulalongkorn University).

Thailand: The 4th Tibetan Environment Conference was held in Thailand from November 27th to 28th. The two-day conference was co-hosted by the Tibet Policy Institute (TPI) and Chulalongkorn University.

The first session was presided over by the guests of honor, Dr. Tsewang Gyalpo Arya (Representative of the Tibet Office in Japan) and Dr. Sayamol Charoenratana (Deputy Director of the Institute of Social Research, Chulalongkorn University), and was attended by leading people from Asia and Southeast Asia. Participated. Environmental experts, environmental scientists, activists, and researchers.

Key themes covered at the conference include hydrogeopolitics in South Asia’s river basins, climate change challenges to food and water security, neutralization of water conflicts, analysis of modern China’s transboundary water governance; This includes the impact of the Tibetan Plateau on the world. The onset of the Southeast Asian summer monsoon, especially the link between science and policymaking. Participants also called on both governments and non-governmental organizations to strengthen joint efforts to protect Asia’s rivers and riparian countries.

Representative Aliyah spoke about the importance of Tibet’s ecosystem and the current environmental situation in Tibet relative to China’s economic development policy. He cited the example of how China’s exploitation of Tibet’s mineral and natural resources is impacting Asia’s rivers.

Dr. Sayamolu stressed that he called on countries facing the water crisis to work together. In addressing common challenges.

Mr. Dechen Palmo, environmental researcher at TPI, explained the aims and objectives of the conference to highlight the global ecological importance of the Tibetan Plateau and the current environmental situation in Tibet.

The conference also attempts to understand the impact of climate change in Tibet and its relationship to global climate change.
The “1st Tibetan Environmental Conference” in 2015, the “2nd Tibetan Environmental Conference” in 2019, and the 3rd Environmental Conference held virtually in 2021 emphasized the ecological importance of Tibet, especially Tibet. successfully brought together a diverse group of experts to emphasize and understand the importance of Understand the ecological role of Tibetan rivers and the Tibetan Plateau and their relationship to global climate change.

-Report by Tibet Policy Research Institute


Participants of the 4th Tibetan Environmental Conference held in Thailand.

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