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Latest environmental guidance: green waste claims

Today, the ASA is conducting an issue-driven review of consumer research and green waste claims (i.e. ‘recyclable’/’recycled’, ‘biodegradable’, ‘compostable’ and ‘plastic alternative’ claims). We announced the main findings from our research. Accordingly, CAP and BCAP have updated their advertising guidelines. Environment: Misleading statements and social responsibility in advertising Include guidance on the use of green disposal claims in Section 3.1.

The updated guidance reflects the important findings from the ASA’s research and the principles established by the ASA’s judgments. This is intended to assist advertisers in making environmentally sound disposal claims that are not misleading and should be considered by advertisers to increase the likelihood that their advertising will comply with the Advertising Code. Shows elements.

It makes clear that green disposal claims must be substantiated and provides guidance on the type of information that, if included, means these claims are unlikely to be misleading, such as: To do.

  • What part of the product does the complaint relate to?
  • Information about the disposal process (where it may differ from the average consumer’s expectations).
  • Information about how long it takes for the product to fully biodegrade or compost, if this may differ from the average consumer’s expectations.
  • Information about hazardous by-products produced during the disposal process.

The ASA said in its announcement that it would begin additional monitoring from January 2024 and carry out enforcement work to address advertising that contravenes its established position already set out in its judgments. Claims such as “100% recyclable.”

Following a grace period, from 1 April 2024, the ASA will proactively investigate potentially problematic claims, with a particular focus on:

  • They argue that end-of-life green disposal information is omitted when this information is critical to the effective and responsible disposal of items.
  • Claims suggesting that a product has multiple environmentally friendly disposal options are misleading.
  • A claim where there is no evidence to support the green disposal claim.

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