Kohler’s golf course will destroy the natural environment



I am one of the environmental activists opposing the Koehler golf course plan described in Barry Adams’ Nov. 12 article, “Retirees are fighting tirelessly to stop Koehler.” Köhler’s brilliant public relations repetitions lack environmental facts.

This is ecocide. The development will flatten a large portion of approximately 247 acres of terrain, including old-growth forest. It will fill the world’s rare wetlands, halve wildlife populations and eliminate or destroy endangered species. Pesticides and fertilizers will be applied to shallow sand-based aquifers. Tens of thousands of trees will be cut down, which experts say will have a serious impact on this world’s rare ecosystem.

In addition to this bulldozing, there are coastal areas where thousands of years of indigenous occupation have produced burial mounds and human remains. Two courts revoked wetland reclamation permits needed for Kohler to proceed. The additional land given to Koehler was taken from residents in his 1960s to expand the park.

The land swap gives Koehler prime acres of parkland in exchange for bushland outside the park. This process ignored DNR procedures and violated state law. If not challenged, this exchange would allow future governors to use our parks as a bargaining chip. Mr. Kohler needs to stop greenwashing.

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