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Safety and compliance are important considerations when it comes to electronic capture detectors (ECDs). ECDs contain internal radiation sources that can emit radioactive material beyond the designated area of ​​the detector. When this happens, the safety of your workspace can be compromised. It’s not just a safety issue. It is also a legal obligation to regularly evaluate ECD detectors, which is required in the UK at 18-month intervals. Failure to meet this requirement means that you do not comply with legal standards.

Ellutia’s ECD Wipe Test Kit allows you to perform your own swabs of critical equipment. This eliminates the need for costly external consultants and saves both time and resources during the testing process. Once you collect your swab sample, analyze it immediately and receive your results immediately.

At Ellutia, we understand your commitment to maintaining a responsible and safe working environment. Because employee health is a top priority, the company has streamlined her ECD testing process. As one of the few companies authorized by the UK government to manage ECD detectors, Ellutia offers simple protocols to ensure equipment safety and compliance. Visit our website to explore our ECD wipe test kits and maintain your ECD with confidence.

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