Joint Committee on Environment and Climate Change resumes discussion on citizens’ meeting report on biodiversity loss



The Joint Committee on Environment and Climate Action will meet tomorrow, Tuesday 17 October, to resume its review of the Citizens’ Assembly report on biodiversity loss.

At a meeting to be held at 11am in Committee Room 3, Leinster House, the recommendations contained in the Citizens’ Assembly Report on the Rights of Nature and Environmental Law will be discussed with the following representatives:

  • University College Cork, Center for Law and Environment.
  • Center for Democracy and Environmental Rights (CDER).
  • Queen’s University Belfast Faculty of Law.and
  • Maynooth University.

Brian Reddin, deputy chairman of the Cathaoireach Committee, said: “The Citizens’ Conference on Biodiversity Loss made a number of recommendations regarding enshrining natural and environmental law rights in the constitution. We look forward to discussing these recommendations and how best to implement them, including the experience of other countries that plan to incorporate them.”

The Joint Committee on Environment and Climate Change has 14 members, nine from the Dáil and five from the Senado.

The meeting in Committee Room 3 can be watched live on Oireachtas tv set.

Committee minutes can also be viewed on the Houses of the Oireachtas smartphone app, available for Apple and Android devices.

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