Joe Biden’s drug dealers are the main reason behind the ‘toxic’ environment in the White House



White House drug lord Dr. Rahul Gupta has been accused by several current and former staffers of creating a “toxic” work environment and neglecting his duties, Politico reported Friday.

White House drug czar Dr. Rahul Gupta (left) and US President Joe Biden (AFP, via Getty Images/AP)

The director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) has put his “political politics” ahead of the U.S. addiction and overdose crisis, which has claimed more than 111,000 lives over the past year, according to the latest data from the CDC. It is said that he prioritized his wishes.

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The report said Mr. Gupta’s management style led to high employee turnover and missed deadlines. At least eight senior government officials and several other staff members have resigned in recent months, largely because of Mr. Gupta.

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Mr. Gupta: “That may be the problem.”

“Even if everyone quits, it doesn’t mean that everyone is the problem,” said a former ONDCP official. politiko.

“On some level, you might be the problem,” the former official added of Mr. Gupta.

The report also detailed Mr. Gupta’s demands for increased publicity and complaints about his travel and accommodation arrangements. He once had his trip canceled because he refused to fly Southwest Airlines and requested a larger hotel room after measuring the room he was given. He also used government vehicles for private events such as weekend embassy parties.

“I think he likes the challenge of the job. I think he likes the title, the ability to travel,” the former official said.

“But I don’t know if he likes the work it takes to make this place meaningful.”

Mr. Gupta, a physician and former West Virginia health commissioner, was also criticized for not supporting or listening to aides in his office who were recovering from substance use disorders.

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Mr. Gupta’s actions contradict Mr. Biden’s pledge.

“The coach is creating a culture, but it didn’t support my recovery,” the former official told Politico.

The report said Mr. Gupta’s actions were inconsistent with President Biden’s warning to White House staff that if he heard that they were disrespecting a colleague, he would fire them “on the spot.” Stated.

“The way Mr. Biden treats people is the complete opposite of what he has said he expects from his staff,” said a person with direct knowledge of the situation.

“I think the reason everyone is afraid is because they fear retaliation.”

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Referring to the president’s son’s battle with cocaine addiction, the former official said, “We are hiring people to do very specific work that is important to the American people and important to the Biden administration, especially as it relates to Hunter Biden.” “I was attacked,” he said.

“Anything you do to try to advance the actual administration’s agenda will be thwarted by the secretary’s political desires,” the former official lamented.

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