Is videonomics destroying the environment?



“Bidenomics” has become a major selling point in President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. But videonomics isn’t just about making things unaffordable for ordinary people. It might just be destroying the earth.

Automakers are slowing down production of electric vehicles due to lack of demand. Tesla is hesitant to build an EV factory in Mexico because, as CEO Elon Musk has said, “When there’s economic uncertainty, people are hesitant to buy new cars.” You don’t want to ride to top speed amid uncertainty. ”

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Tesla blames General Motors, which has delayed production of its electric pickup truck at a Michigan factory due to a decline in demand for EVs, and Ford, which has cut one shift at a factory that makes the F-150 electric pickup truck. join. EV startups Lucid and Rivian have also seen their stock prices drop more than 3% recently.

Meanwhile, Biden is also relying on Venezuela to expand energy production while paralyzing the US in the same area. As Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) said, Venezuela is “one of the dirtiest energy producers in the world,” and Biden and his administration are “refusing to allow energy in the United States.” depends on Venezuela to supplement production. So on top of Biden’s failed economic vision, his energy policies are making the climate worse.

But at least you can get solar panels made in China, probably made by slaves, while your grocery and gas bills are also exponentially higher than they were just a few years ago. How about it as a bargain item?

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Biden is clearly incompetent both as an administrator and as a politician. Not only is his economic vision a disaster for ordinary people, but he is actively sabotaging key parts of his climate change policy with electric cars and the likes of Venezuela and China as the only major tenets. dependence on human rights violators remains unaffected. Not only that, but he has made his unpopular economic vision the focus of his re-election campaign.

It’s a parade of fallacies that would be comedic if they weren’t so damaging to the country. Biden’s economic vision is continually undermined by reality. If voters are the ones who are paying the cost of an incompetent plan by an incompetent government, then somehow he expects them to reward him.

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