“Introducing Apple Vision Pro” video no longer features open sky environment, hinting at removal from AR headset features



When Apple Vision Pro was officially announced at last year’s WWDC keynote, a nine-minute video posted to YouTube showed off the Open Sky environment, with a narrator giving a quick explanation of the features. “With Apple Vision Pro, you can transform your space, a beautiful environment that extends beyond the dimensions of your room.” Apple may not have removed the video now, but keen observers may have noticed that the Open Sky environment is no longer visible in edited clips, suggesting the feature may not make it when pre-orders open on January 19th.

Marketing text for Apple Vision Pro has also been edited. No longer refers to “Open Skies” or anything similar to this feature

It makes perfect sense that a video introducing Apple Vision Pro would be compiled. That’s because potential buyers who were previously attracted to the company’s mixed reality vision will have little to complain if the feature is no longer present in its marketing materials. X user @M1Astra discovered these changes and provided all the differences, including the changed Apple edit text, to your account page. Back in 2023, the text said, “Choose from a selection of beautiful landscapes or magically replace your ceiling with a clear, wide sky.”

Now it says, “Choose from a selection of beautiful landscapes or turn your room into a personal movie theater with Cinema Environment.” Given that these changes were made without notifying customers, this indicates that the Open Sky environment feature was supposed to be present in Apple Vision Pro from the beginning, and the feature was removed from the video. That suggests it’s not part of the app. However, it is possible that it will come back.

Ahead of the launch of Apple Vision Pro scheduled for February 2nd, the California-based giant is taking all possible measures to create a positive first impression of the product. Initial shipments of the AR headset are estimated to reach just 80,000 units, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, and with millions of dollars already invested in research and development, Apple will take all it can get. needs to be sold.

Introducing Apple Vision Pro

It might not be a big deal to some people, but I’ll be interested to see what explanation Apple comes up with this time around removing the feature. After all, he charges $3,499 for a brand new product, which means customers expect to receive it right down to the kitchen sink, and if that doesn’t happen, users will be dissatisfied. It will be.

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