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The Sustainability Hub for Innovation and the Environment (SHINE) will host a movie night and outfit swap on April 4 at 5 p.m. The group will screen the film “Why Plastics?” Presented by Patagonia, students will have the opportunity to swap clothes during the event.

“Learning about climate change and its impact on us and our planet can be heavy and discouraging, but creating a space where we can celebrate sustainability can be liberating,” says SHINE Social said Media Communications Intern Mackenzie Geary. “Whether it’s big or small, it can serve as a reminder of the importance of the bigger picture of climate action.”

Hosted in collaboration with Fashion Sustainability Intern Miki Rogers, the event aims to be relevant and fun. Fast fashion is a hot topic that many college students want to study.

“Whether you know a lot or a little about fast fashion, there’s always more to learn,” says Geary. “So by hosting a movie night and outfit swap at the same time, we hope to not only promote education and awareness, but also encourage action in a fun, community-oriented way.”

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Students can attend events to watch movies, swap clothes, or both. We recommend bringing your own clothing, but it is not required, so everyone is welcome to participate.

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