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Recent advances in solar energy technology announced by local high-tech companies have the potential to revolutionize both industry and environmental protection.

Pasadena-based Heliogen said two important milestones have been achieved in the project, which aims to take solar energy to unprecedented levels. The company behind this innovation specializes in advanced solar energy technology.

The first milestone of their Capella project involves the deployment of a commercial-scale device that can capture and store heat from the sun. Rather than a typical solar panel generating electricity, this is a supercharged version that can also efficiently store heat, paving the way for cleaner and more sustainable power generation.

The second milestone focuses on ensuring the prototype of this heat-trapping device is ready. Although it may sound complicated, it can be considered a final check to ensure the reliability and functionality of this new solar power technology.

Heliogen, in collaboration with Woodside Energy (USA), and supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, is the world’s first fully integrated third-generation concentrator solar power (Gen3 CSP) project. He said it was a commercial demonstration.

Christy Obiaya, CEO of Heliogen, said: This project will save costs for many industries and benefit the planet by significantly reducing carbon emissions.

“By leveraging Heliogen’s next-generation solar energy technology, industrial energy users will be able to improve their bottom line while doing their part to mitigate climate change,” Obiaya said. “By completing these two Capella milestones, we are one step closer to helping the industry transition to high-value solar power processes and reduce dependence on volatile fossil fuels.”

In other words, businesses will save money and the planet will benefit from reduced carbon emissions.

Heliogen said: As project milestones are completed, the project will move closer to harnessing heat from the sun and turning it into electricity. Engineered particle receivers use solid materials, such as ceramic particles, to safely capture and store heat from the sun at temperatures up to 750 degrees Celsius, and transfer that heat to high-efficiency power blocks to generate electricity. To do.

“These milestones represent exciting progress in our collaboration to demonstrate the potential of Heliogen’s innovative, concentrated solar energy technology,” said Jason, Woodside’s vice president of new energy growth and solutions. -Crusan said. “They will also drive the development of technology solutions that support our efforts to build a diversified portfolio that is low-cost, low-carbon, profitable and resilient.”

The company expects the front-end engineering design of the Capella project to be completed in late 2023. In line with previous guidance, construction is planned to begin in 2024.

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