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Elever Plano Creative Office Campus

SMU’s 16-acre site in Plano, Texas, is being redeveloped and converted into an office and technology hub called Elevor Plano. Rendering provided by: Developer Alvarez & Marsal Capital Real Estate

As the environment surrounding professionals continues to evolve, the traditional paradigm of the office campus is undergoing a major transformation. The concept of traditional workspaces is being replaced by dynamic, versatile and innovation-driven environments that go beyond the traditional office environment.

according to commercial edgeApproximately 30 million square feet of office space with creative office components was completed in the United States between January 2020 and October 2023, with another 7.7 million square feet in progress as of last month.

These modern office campuses are no longer just static spaces where employees clock in and out. These have turned into versatile ecosystems that inspire collaboration, creativity, and productivity. There is a shift from organized cubicles to flexible open-plan spaces, and from standard meeting rooms to vibrant common areas that encourage networking and the exchange of ideas.

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Additionally, today’s offices offer amenities that go beyond the standard 9-to-5 routine and cater to the diverse needs and work preferences of employees. This evolution in office design is not just about aesthetics. It is about redefining the very nature of the workplace and fostering innovation, adaptability and a sense of community in modern working environments.

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Creative office spaces reinvent the workplace. Transformations like the Boca Raton Innovation Campus (BRiC), first designed by architects Robert Gatje and Marcel Breuer as his IBM research campus in 1968, are more common. It is becoming. At over 1.7 million square feet, BRiC is Florida’s largest single-office facility and was once a bustling hub hosting up to 10,000 employees at peak times. However, in 1996 he sold the campus to IBM, and its utilization declined over the next several decades, with occupancy remaining stagnant at about 60%.

This pattern continued until CP group I took ownership 5 years ago. Since then, a remarkable makeover has rebranded and revitalized the once underutilized and outdated office development, transforming it into a vibrant workplace ecosystem that is currently at 92% occupancy. More than 6,000 employees currently work at BRiC, which is home to 18 national and nine local tenants, including Palm Beach County’s top employers Modernizing Medicine, Bluegreen Vacations, Kroger; Also included are Canon and Boca Raton Regional Hospital.

This remarkable evolution is not unique to BRiC.Based in Los Angeles Alvarez & Marsal Capital Real EstateKnown for reimagining office spaces, the company is active in transforming aging buildings into vibrant, innovative and creative office projects in several U.S. markets. Masu.

The company’s recent project in the north Dallas area, Elevor Plano, includes the revitalization of the former SMU on the Plano campus into a best-in-class creative office campus. This innovative project is located in the Legacy Business Park in Plano, Texas and includes four two-story buildings totaling 204,000 square feet on more than 16 acres.

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The traditional office model is giving way to a hospitality-focused approach. BRiC’s lobby is a testament to these values. Image provided by: CP Group

Another venture in Alvarez & Marsal’s repertoire is the Max Tech Center in Boulder County, Colorado. The project was an ambitious effort to renovate a 475,000 square foot former semiconductor manufacturing facility on approximately 24 acres and transform it into a modern research and development facility. , Life Sciences and Technology Campus.

Significant improvements including redesign of the main and secondary entrances, complete repainting of the exterior, roof replacement, renovation of a private courtyard area into an outdoor meeting space with direct access to tenant areas, and extensive integration of skylights. Enhancements have been made. These changes resulted in a major overhaul and effectively modernized the facility.

“We also introduced a best-in-class amenity center with 16,000 square feet of indoor lounge, meeting and gym facilities, as well as 20,000 square feet of hand-picked common outdoor amenities for tenant use for 30 days. “Boulder County is a famous ray of sunshine,” said Adam Weinbaum, managing director of Alvarez & Marsal. Commercial real estate executive.

With a strong foothold in the creative office space, the company’s interests also extend to life sciences and R&D strategies within the San Diego and Silicon Valley markets. The approach includes integrating innovative office elements into these spaces and introducing new and unique functions to laboratories and research and development structures.

Innovate today for a better tomorrow

The Max Tech campus features modern common spaces and innovative amenities within an expansive facility. Rendering provided by: Alvarez & Marsal

In an effort to redefine office space and attract users, companies appear to be racing to create layouts that prioritize the health and well-being of their occupants, beyond work.

Elevar Plano focuses on natural light, fresh air, and indoor-outdoor connectivity. By eliminating outdated elements, expanding the glazing lines, integrating skylights, and incorporating a second-floor balcony, Alvarez & Marsal created a vibrant one-acre property with a sunshade structure and communal terrace. created an outdoor plaza to support an environment that stands out in the Plano area.

“Based on our extensive experience, creative office spaces are often characterized by the integration of technological advancements and foster a diverse environment that fosters collaboration, productivity and innovation among employees.” said Principal Evan Perlman.

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Boulder County’s Max Tech Center has also undergone a comprehensive transformation, featuring high-speed WiFi, electric vehicle charging stations, a fitness center, updated common spaces, and modern amenities throughout the expansive facility.

BRiC also has a variety of innovative features, including autonomous grab-and-go services, art exhibits in common areas, a technology museum, wellness center, STEAM lab, and flexible workspaces. Additionally, the office of the future envisioned by BRiC will include multiple coffee shops, a variety of dining options, a fitness club, and host a variety of community events and leadership programs to create a more holistic and inclusive work environment. emphasizing the transition of

“From an infrastructure perspective, it provides a highly secure and durable campus, which is important for mission-critical organizations,” explains Michael Perrett, general manager of CP Group. “From an experience perspective, we can offer amenities and modern conveniences so our tenants don’t have to and can instead focus on growing their businesses, while also helping us attract and retain quality talent.” We support you in doing so,” Perrett added.

Elements of social participation

In the dynamic landscape of today’s business world, creative office campuses play a vital role in not only attracting top talent, but also retaining them. The ever-changing needs of tomorrow’s workforce are central to developers’ considerations.

“We aim to create an inviting and stimulating environment that makes our office spaces more than just a place to work,” Perlman said.

Elevar Plano features a 16,000 square foot amenity hub with an indoor lounge, meeting space and gym facilities. Rendering provided by: Alvarez & Marsal

Offices are now places of social interaction, so it is important to develop campuses that are well-connected and easily accessible. Recognizing the importance of walkability and access to amenities, every space at Alvarez & Marsal’s Eleval Plano features everything from an upscale tenant lounge to a fitness center, an outdoor plaza, a pet-friendly park, and a variety of meeting areas and environments. , tailored to increase tenant satisfaction. Promote networking, collaboration, and rejuvenation.

“The traditional office concept is evolving, leaning toward a more hospitality-oriented model that emphasizes comfort, flexibility, and employee well-being,” Perlman said.

Looking to the future, the future of office campuses will revolve around occupant experience, adaptability, and customization. The key is to adapt to the ever-evolving tenant preferences and needs, ultimately ensuring that the office space remains as attractive and comfortable as possible. In this pursuit, the nature of creative office campuses continues to expand to meet the dynamic and diverse expectations of today’s evolving workforce.

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