Impact of natural gas on Tanzania’s economy and environment



Unlocking the potential of natural gas and transforming Tanzania’s energy landscape

In response to the growing demand for natural gas in Dar es Salaam, the Government of Tanzania, through the Deputy Minister of Energy, Ms. Judith Kapiga, has outlined plans to expand the use of natural gas to benefit households and industry. The government aims to leverage natural gas resources to stimulate economic growth, improve access to energy for cooking, and promote environmental sustainability.

  1. Infrastructure development:

    Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) is working with TAQA Dalvit to conduct a natural gas demand study and identify suitable pipeline routes to supply gas to households in Dar es Salaam. The government’s goal is to connect more homes to natural gas, increase the availability of energy for cooking, and foster economic development.

  2. Rural access and affordability:

    At-large Rep. Esther Matico expressed concerns about gas affordability in rural areas. While there are calls for subsidies, Deputy Minister Kapinga said the government has a strategy to keep pace with environmental protection efforts and make gas available in rural areas as a clean and sustainable source of cooking energy. I swore there was.

  3. Environmental impacts and climate change mitigation:

    President Samia emphasized the importance of clean cooking energy in combating climate change and promoting sustainable development. The Africa Women Clean Cooking Support Program, launched at COP 28, aims to reduce deforestation caused by conventional biomass energy use, thereby mitigating carbon emissions and improving health outcomes, especially for women and girls. The purpose is


Efforts to expand access to natural gas in Tanzania represent a strategic approach to boosting the economy, enhancing energy access, and mitigating environmental degradation. By prioritizing infrastructure development, rural affordability and environmental sustainability, governments can align with global efforts towards sustainable development and climate change mitigation to become more inclusive and environmentally responsible. The company plans to create a new energy division.

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