HRAWI to hold Seminar on Life, Property and Environment Safety in Hospitality Industry at ET Hospitality World, Goa



Hotel and Restaurant Association (Western India) – HRAWI successfully organized a seminar titled “Safety of Life, Property and Environment in Hospitality Industry” on 16th October 2023 at Resort Marinha Dourada, Arpora, North Goa Did. The seminar aimed to comprehensively address safety concerns, including environmental aspects, in hotels and restaurants. The event provided valuable insight and educated attendees on the safety measures required for everyone attending a hospitality venue. This initiative reflects HRAWI’s commitment to exploring different avenues for environmentally friendly practices within the industry and promoting tourism and green investment.

The event featured prominent speakers including Ishrat Alam, Additional Director General, Indian Tourism, Ministry of Tourism, Goa, as the chief guest. Next to him was Menino Proenca, director of the Resort Marinha Dourada, who was the guest of honor. Mr. Ashok Menon (former Director of Goa Fire and Emergency Services and National Secretary of Fire Marshals Association of India (FSAI)) gave the keynote speech. Hemant Khadse, CEO of East Corp Group, will be his technical speaker.

“In the dynamic landscape of the hospitality industry, safety is fundamental to our efforts. Our dedication goes beyond mere physical safety. We are stewards of the trust and guardians of the environment. It is not just about fulfilling ethical obligations. It is about building a sustainable future where the safety of life, property and the environment are non-negotiable. This seminar follows on from the success of the one in Mumbai. This seminar, the second of its kind in Goa, highlights the momentum gathering behind sustainability and green investing in our industry,” said Pradeep Shetty, President, HRAWI. Masu.

A notable highlight of the seminar was a panel discussion titled “Luxury to Responsibility: Hospitality’s Journey towards Safety and Sustainability.” The panel discussion was attended by industry experts including his Ashok Joshi, director of Joshi Engineering Consultancy and president of Indian Plumbing Association, Goa chapter. Mr. Devendra Arolkar, Managing Director, Mohit Minerals Ltd and Project Director, Jubliant Hospitality. Mr. Bharat Kamat, Chairman, IGBC, Goa & Partner, Kamat Infra Tech, Ashok Menon;

“Recognizing our role as guardians of safety in Goa’s hospitality sector, we have focused on balancing compliance with safety.” They demonstrated an incredible commitment to overcoming challenges and adhering to fire safety regulations, with an impressive 80% compliance rate. The understanding that safety directly impacts the bottom line has led to a focus on compliance. I In our design, the architects have prioritized fire safety, reflecting our unwavering dedication to both compliance and the safety of our customers and facilities,” said former Director of Goa Fire and Emergency Services and Director of India said Ashok Menon, National Secretary, Fire Safety and Security Institute (FSAI). ).

The seminar was an enlightening experience, highlighting the evolving landscape of safety and sustainability in the hospitality sector and providing participants with essential knowledge to create a safe environment within their facilities.

“The emphasis is on the essence of our discussions, such as sustainable practices. The green thalis and turmeric-infused curry reflect Goa’s eco-friendly and healthy approach. Building a Green Resort When it comes to By prioritizing guest satisfaction and ensuring profitability for resort owners, we are not only creating a greener haven, but also contributing to a healthier planet.” , said Bharat Kamat, Chairman, IGBC, Goa & Partner, Kamat Infra Tech.

This seminar is a mission of LiFE, which promises to make every possible change in daily life to protect the environment, while continuously motivating family, friends and other people about the importance of eco-friendly habits. It was also in line with the pledge of the Environmental Lifestyle. Mission LiFE is an India-led global movement to protect and conserve the environment, promoting sustainable living and combating climate change.

“Together, let us pioneer this journey of transformation. By collaborating, learning and sharing best practices, we will lay the foundation for a prosperous tomorrow. We will ensure that safety is our only priority.” It is an integral part of the DNA of our industry and will ensure that our customers, facilities and environment thrive,” concludes Shetty.

  • Published October 22, 2023 at 12:30 PM IST

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