Hong Kong’s environment secretary admits the government has not given an adequate explanation for delays in waste levy plan



Hong Kong’s environment secretary admits the government has not given a sufficient explanation of its delayed waste levy plan and plans more demonstrations to show how the scheme will work to raise public awareness I promised to do it.

Ministry of Environment and Ecology Secretary Tse Ching-wan also on Saturday installed 660-liter (174-gallon) mobile bins to collect garbage near some old buildings that do not have owner corporations, residents’ groups, or property management companies. He promised to install it.

He said despite heavy publicity efforts and hundreds of thousands of people downloading new mobile phone apps introducing the plan, it will take time for residents to understand the plan. He said it would be.

Tse Ching-wang, Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Ecology (left), attended a briefing session on the waste management plan. The minister says it will take time for residents to understand the system.Photo: Edmund So

“I’m not saying we’re doing enough, but I’m saying we’ve done a lot,” he said on a radio show. “It’s clearly not enough just to rely on our work. If we’re going to introduce it, we need to come up with a way to make it easier for residents to understand.”

Hong Kong leader John Lee Kat-chiu last Tuesday instructed ministers to devise a “sharper and clearer” strategy to raise awareness of the plan. Three days later, Tse announced that the implementation of the scheme would be postponed from April 1st to August 1st.

The government says it needs to educate the public amidst the chaos, and exams are scheduled to begin in government offices on April 1.

The scheme encourages more recycling and reduces waste by requiring citizens to purchase government-approved garbage bags (available in nine sizes) for 11 Hong Kong cents (1 US cent) per liter. The aim is to reduce emissions. Bag sizes range from 3 liters to 100 liters.

What you need to know about Hong Kong’s upcoming waste charge plan

There will be a six-month grace period after the system goes into effect, during which residents who do not comply with the rules will receive a verbal warning.

Once this period ends, anyone who fails to use the designated bags or labels will be subject to a fixed fine of HK$1,500 (US$191). Serious offenders or repeat offenders may be prosecuted and face fines of HK$25,000 to HK$50,000 and imprisonment of up to six months.

The Tse government said it would demonstrate to the public how the plan would work before its official launch.

He said the 660-litre mobile bins could be dumped anywhere by households living in “Three Nile Buildings” (a housing complex with no ownership corporation or residents’ association or involvement). He said it would help address potential issues. Real estate management company.

“Households will be able to throw their trash in the bins and the government will pick it up,” he said. “It’s a first step for them, and we will ask them to use designated green bags at a later date.”

Six-month grace period for Hong Kong’s waste plan ‘may be extended if necessary’

He said the government’s outreach team would also be in touch with them to raise awareness about the scheme.

“During the six-month grace period, we will be distributing green bags to households living in Three Nile Buildings and teaching them how to use them. We will also set up several recycling points and place bins nearby. “It’s planned,” he said.

The minister added that the purpose of the scheme was not to collect more money from the public, but that all fees would be used to reduce waste and foster greener communities.

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