High-level forum showcases the city’s burgeoning business environment



Shanghai is dedicated to further opening up and improving the business environment in the city, so as to serve as a valuable reference for other countries and its own future.

These efforts and results will be shared at the high-level forum “China Investment Year Summit & Shanghai City Promotion” hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and the Shanghai government during the China International Import Expo.

Shanghai Mayor Pingzheng reiterated Shanghai’s commitment to strengthening its business environment and attracting more foreign investors.

“We will use the World Bank’s new business environment rating system as a guide to deepen benchmark reform and continue to improve Shanghai’s business environment,” Gong said at a recent meeting of the International Business Leaders Advisory Council. “We will implement important measures to promote this.” As a world-class think tank in Shanghai.

Foreign companies in Shanghai have always contributed significantly to the city’s economic success.

In the first nine months, 4,321 new foreign-affiliated companies were established in the city, a significant increase of 35.8% compared to the same period last year.

The actual utilization of foreign investment amounted to US$18.67 billion, and 49 regional headquarters and 20 foreign-funded R&D centers were established, bringing the cumulative number to 940 and 551.

investment beachhead

The active participation of foreign companies in CIIE is a good reflection of Shanghai’s efforts and achievements.

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) giant Unilever is one of the founding members of the CIIE Exhibitor Alliance and has been “fully involved” in each CIIE since the event’s inception.

High-level forum showcases the city's burgeoning business environment

Unilever, which celebrates its 100th anniversary in the Chinese market this year, is exhibiting at CIIE for the sixth time, demonstrating strong confidence in the expo’s lasting impact and long-term commitment to the local market.

“CIIE serves as a window for China to build a new development pattern,” said Qu Wei, CEO of Unilever China.

“This is also a platform to promote high-level opening up. This event has become a global public platform shared by everyone, complementing the Belt and Road Initiative.

He said Unilever, which will be participating in CIIE for the sixth time this year, has strong confidence in the Expo’s lasting impact due to its long-term trust in China and Shanghai.

“We will continue to put down roots in Shanghai, explore China deeply, and set an example for achieving sustainable and high-quality growth in our global business,” said Qu.

As the first wave of foreign investors, Unilever is celebrating its 100th anniversary in the Chinese market. 100 years ago, we established the largest soap factory in the Far East in Shanghai. And today, Unilever sees Shanghai as a strategic “beachhead” in the North Asia region.

Mr. Qu said Shanghai’s attractiveness lies in its investment-friendly business environment, high-standard market system, and city leaders’ vision and pragmatic practices in serving investors.

“For the next 100 years, we will continue to provide high-quality products and services to Chinese consumers,” said Qu.

High-level forum showcases the city's burgeoning business environment

French mobility company Michelin, a keen supporter of CIIE, will focus on sustainable innovation and bring new technologies, businesses and experience to this year’s event, especially in the field of sustainable mobility solutions.

French tire and mobility company Michelin is also a keen supporter of CIIE and has been exhibiting since 2020.

Mr. Ye Fei, President and CEO of Michelin China, said: “We created the ‘Michelin Circuit Park’ at this year’s CIIE, focusing on sustainable innovation, and in particular sustainable mobility. “We bring new technology, business and experience in the field of solutions.”

Michelin has been based in Shanghai for over 20 years and its investment portfolio continues to expand.

In 2001, Michelin (China) Investment Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai and recognized as the regional headquarters by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, marking the beginning of Michelin’s rapid growth in China.

Mr. Ye said that for the Michelin Group, Michelin China has played a valuable role in supporting the achievement of long-term sustainable development goals. The company has served as a stable profit contributor, an important service center, a model of green and intelligent manufacturing, a fosterer of innovative talent, and a promoter of sustainable philosophy.

In 2020, Michelin’s Shanghai factory was recognized as a city benchmark in green and intelligent manufacturing.

“Michelin will continue to plant its roots in Shanghai, and our commitment to long-term investment and development in China remains unchanged,” Ye said.

High-level forum showcases the city's burgeoning business environment

Switzerland-based SGS Automotive Connectivity Lab said CIIE’s progress over the past few years has strengthened its resolve to continue investing and deepening its presence in the country.

Switzerland-based SGS has also been participating in CIIE for several years and will continue to participate actively.

As a third-party testing, inspection and certification organization, SGS can make an important contribution to improving the business environment through professional services that ensure market fairness.

The company introduced its solution for testing smart machines at the first CIIE. Second is 5G equipment. Third are ventilators, 3D face mask testing machines, and food tracking systems. AR/VR test set. Carbon Management Systems at the 4th CIIE.

“Only exhibitors who have personally attended CIIE can feel the inclusiveness of this platform,” said Hao Jingyu, president of SGS China.

“Thanks to CIIE’s journey over the years, we have been able to feel the familiarity and vitality of the Chinese market, which has further strengthened our resolve to continue investing and deepening our business in the Chinese market.” Hao he said.

Currently, SGS has a total of 16,000 employees in China, located in over 90 branches and over 200 laboratories.

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