Haley calls DeSantis a ‘liberal’ on environmental issues



Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley criticized Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ environmental policies during the second straight Republican primary debate Wednesday, calling him a “liberal when it comes to the environment.” .

Haley made the remarks in response to a question about reimposing sanctions on Venezuelan oil, prompting DeSantis to accuse the Biden administration of “cooperating” with foreign regimes instead of relying on domestic production.

In response, Haley also said she would reimpose sanctions, but criticized DeSantis’ government record, calling him a “liberal when it comes to the environment.”[banning] As governor, he carried out “hydraulic fracturing.” He noted that the Sierra Club has praised Mr. DeSantis’ moves as governor to protect the Everglades, but other environmental groups have been vocal critics of Mr. DeSantis, citing He gave DeSantis a “D-” rating.

Mr. DeSantis, on the other hand, defended his efforts to preserve the Everglades, barely mentioning them on the campaign trail but promoting them on the governor’s office’s official website.

The two also discussed the issue during the second Republican debate in September. Florida banned offshore drilling in a 2018 ballot initiative, and DeSantis said in campaign materials that he would ask the state Legislature to ban hydraulic fracturing, calling it “dangerous to the state” because of its geological makeup.

Mr. DeSantis has frequently downplayed the threat of climate change, saying in the first Republican debate, “Let’s have a discussion” about the role of humans in climate change, despite 97% agreement among scientists. Florida’s governor has taken steps to make the hurricane-prone state more resilient, but as president he has promised to increase fossil fuel production and criticized Democrats and environmentalists.[ramping] Regarding the issue of “inciting fear.”

Former President Trump, the Republican front-runner, has completely denied the existence of climate change and falsely claimed that climate change is a “hoax.” Trump did not attend Wednesday’s debate.

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