Fujairah Research Center, Environment Agency promotes collaboration with academic and beekeeping organizations



abu dhabi [UAE]October 26 (ANI/WAM): In a landmark moment of the recently concluded Fujairah International Conference on Honey Bee Research, the Fujairah Research Center (FRC) and the Fujairah Environment Authority (FEA) announced the signing of three memorandums of understanding. (Memorandum of Understanding) has been signed with esteemed partners such as Fujairah University of Science and Technology, Beekeeping Cooperative Al-Baha, and UAE Beekeeping Foundation. This strategic alliance aims to foster cooperation in the fields of innovation, research and development, with a primary focus on joint projects in education and training programs related to beekeeping.

The signatories are committed to the protection of native honeybees and the protection of the environment, water resources and minerals, in line with the Agency’s strategic objectives. Among the key highlights of the MoU, both parties outlined their intention to engage in high-impact research and development, beekeeping training, and capacity building.

Scope of activities includes, but is not limited to, improving knowledge and skills in sustainable beekeeping practices. A common commitment to the conservation of native honey bee species important to ecological balance. Explore methods and practices that promote sustainable and ethical honey production. Advocate and implement agricultural practices that support pollinator populations. Beyond bee-related initiatives, the parties will also invest in research and development, student training, and capabilities in a variety of areas including environmental conservation, IT, data science and computing, artificial intelligence (AI), renewable energy, and underwater robotics. We are also working on implementing development. Automation systems, computer vision (CV), image processing and video processing.

The parties will also focus on developing a strategy to effectively monitor and manage the health of their honey bee hives, mutually agreeing to equally provide the necessary support and services, and providing specific details. We plan to negotiate this every year. This collaborative approach means a commitment to responsibly fulfilling the outlined responsibilities that will ensure the success of the joint initiative. “At Fujairah Environment Agency, we are committed to safeguarding the delicate balance of our ecosystem. These memorandums of understanding with our partners mark important progress towards realizing this commitment. By sharing resources and expertise, we are in a better position to advance research into beekeeping, native bee conservation, and environmentally friendly practices.

Asira Al Muara, Director-General of Fujairah Environment Agency, said: “Together, we will create a lasting positive impact on the environment, support biodiversity and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. The Fujairah Research Center is excited to embark on these joint ventures.” together with our partners. These MoUs reflect our commitment to advancing research and innovation in beekeeping, promoting education, and contributing to the conservation of natural resources.

In collaboration with Fujairah University of Science and Technology, Beekeeping Cooperative Al-Baha and UAE Beekeeping Foundation, we are committed to making great strides in sustainable development and environmental management,” said Fujairah Research Center Director Fuad. Ramgari commented. This historic partnership marks an important milestone in advancing research, education and sustainable practices in beekeeping and conservation, and the Memorandum of Understanding provides all necessary means to realize the provisions and objectives of the Memorandum of Understanding. This reaffirms the parties’ commitment to the timely implementation of such actions and procedures. (ANI/WAM)

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