From water pollution to East Palestine, Erin Brockovich speaks out



ALLIANCE – Renowned environmental activist Erin Brockovich will be a featured speaker at the University of Mount Union on April 25th.

The 2024 Schooler Lecture begins at 8 p.m. in Timken Gymnasium.

For free tickets to the event, visit or call the Mount Union Box Office (330) weekdays from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. You can make a reservation by During classes, call 821-2565.

Assistant Director of Communications Lynn Riggle said tickets were still available as of Thursday afternoon.

Timken Gym is located in the McPherson Academic and Athletic Complex at 523 W Hartshorn St. A large parking lot is on the right side of the building. Other parking lots are available on campus.

The popular film, released in 2000, was based on Brockovich’s battle with Pacific Gas and Electric over groundwater contamination in Hinckley, California. Actress Julia Roberts played Brockovich in the Academy Award-winning film.

In the 1990s, Mr. Brockovich helped expose water pollution caused by the company, resulting in a $333 million settlement.

“I don’t think our situation could get any better.”

In a 2022 Canton Repository interview, Brockovich, who spoke at Kent State University’s Stark School, offered a frank assessment of the country’s current environmental state.

She said she doesn’t think the environment is any better than it was in the 1990s. “In fact, I think we are in a worse situation than when I started working at Hinckley, and what I feel today is complete frustration and disappointment that we are here. I think so, because we should have known, and we could have known, and we failed to act to the point where we are now in crisis.”

raise your voice Environmental warrior Erin Brockovich brings message of clean water to KSU Stark

Brockovich, president of Brockovich Research & Consulting, is involved in numerous environmental projects around the world. She also assists with groundwater contamination complaints in all states as well as overseas.

Brockovich also hosts the Lifetime series “Final Justice with Erin Brockovich,” which celebrates ordinary women who triumph in the face of overwhelming adversity.

A bestselling author, her books include “Superman Is Not Coming: The National Water Crisis and What People Can Do About It” and “Take It From Me: Life’s A Struggle, But You Can Win.”

national environmental story ‘We can’t go back to the way we were.’ East Palestine grapples with derailment

Brockovich visits East Palestine

Mr. Brockovich also monitored and commented on the February 3, 2023 train derailment in East Palestine, Columbiana County.

The crash temporarily displaced many people from their homes and workplaces, prompted a large-scale environmental cleanup, raised concerns about long-term health effects, and triggered numerous lawsuits by residents and businesses. It was later consolidated into a class action lawsuit.

In February, Brockovich visited East Palestine and posted an article on the online Brockovich Report about how the disaster affected village residents and those living outside the village.

“No one was at fault,” the column written by Brockovich and Suzanne Boothby said. Still, they are left with an uncertain future.

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