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Maryland fire departments are using a new tool to extinguish electric vehicle fires faster with less environmental impact.

Research shows that electric and hybrid vehicles catch fire less frequently than gasoline-powered vehicles, but when a fire does occur, it can take hours and tens of thousands of gallons of water to extinguish it, and firefighters This poses a unique challenge for

It took firefighters more than three hours and 40,000 gallons of water to extinguish a Lincoln Aviator hybrid car that caught fire on the Clara Barton Parkway ramp in Cabin John in May 2022.

There are serious concerns about EV fires in parking lots, especially underground.

According to the Maryland Department of Transportation, Montgomery County has the largest fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles in the state. So Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Department equipped its hazmat response vehicles with fire blankets. A fire blanket is a large, heavy fire-resistant material designed to wrap around a burning EV or hybrid vehicle.

“We can quell the toxic gases from the fire, we can quell the flames of the electric car fire, and we can basically put out the smoke and prevent it from spreading to other vehicles,” said Capt. Ray Sanchez.

Fire blankets can be used in conjunction with another relatively new piece of equipment: special hose nozzles.

“We’re hoping to put out the fire from below, but ultimately what we’re trying to do is cool down the battery cells,” Sanchez said.

Disposable fire blankets cost about $1,500, according to the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Department. Reusable blankets are expensive.

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