Explore Indiana’s outdoors and environment this weekend with these events




Experience Indiana’s natural environment by attending these events across the state this weekend and beyond.

From hellbenders and wildflowers to night hikes and tree planting, Hoosiers have plenty of opportunities to explore Indiana’s natural areas while learning about the state’s flora and fauna.

Friday, March 29th

Spring Wildflower Hiking Trail 610 a.m. at Charlestown State Park: Visitors meet at River Overlook for a leisurely hike in search of wildflowers.

Help the hellbenders, 1 p.m. at Harmony State Park: Learn about the eastern hellbender salamander at the park’s outdoor education pavilion. This free program allows visitors to learn about the state’s largest salamander.

toad house, 2 p.m., Potato Creek State Park: Meet at the park’s nature center and enjoy interactions with American toads. Learn facts about amphibians and make your own toad to take home. The cost is $5.

Eggstravaganza Glow in the Dark Night Hike & Egg Hunt, 8:30 p.m. at Prophetstown State Park: Park naturalists take visitors on a night hike to listen to frog calls, look for glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs, and learn about the nocturnal habits of wildlife. Children must register online to participate. The program is suitable for children ages 5-12.

Saturday, March 30th

Maintaining the tree plantings in Indianapolis’ beautiful Eagledale, 9 a.m.: Join KIB’s community forestry team and help plant 137 native trees in the Eagledale neighborhood. Demos begin no later than 9:05 a.m. You must register online at kibi.org.

Annual outdoor adventure class, 9:30 a.m. at Holiday Park: The Central Indiana Wilderness Club hosts this class, which covers a variety of topics including gear selection, trail safety, camping, backcountry ethics, pooping in the woods, and more. Please RSVP here: ciwclub.org/event-5469832

Whose nest is this?10 a.m. at Clifty Falls State Park: Learn to identify bird nests and eggs at the park’s nature center.

Spring wildflower hiking course 210 a.m. at Charlestown State Park: Visitors will meet at Oak Shelter and take a leisurely hike to search for wildflowers.

Create a solar eclipse viewer, 11 a.m. at Spring Mill State Park: Visitors will meet at the Lakeview Activity Center to learn about the solar eclipse and the different ways to view it safely. At the park he provides supplies for one viewer, but if you want to make more, you’ll need to bring an extra box of cereal. The cost is $1 per person and advance registration is required.

woodpecker walk, 1 p.m. at Harmony State Park: Visitors hike Trail 2 to look for woodpeckers and learn about where they live. Gather at the nature center.

wildflower walk, 1 p.m., Fort Harrison State Park: Park naturalists will take visitors on a walk to look for spring ephemerals currently blooming in the park. We will meet at the Delaware Lake parking lot.

Bluebird nest box building workshop with Brown County Bluebird Club, 1 p.m., McCormick’s Creek State Park: The Brown County Bluebird Club is hosting a bluebird nest box building session. Visitors can learn about this bird and invite it to their backyard with a box. Registration is required and he will collect $10 when the visitor arrives. To register, contact Dan Sparks at b4bluebirds@gmail.com or 812-200-5700.

Easter wildlife: Get ready for the Easter bunny and baby cottontail rabbit.What to do if you see it

Sunday, March 31st

Feed the Birds Bingo9:30 a.m. at Indiana Dunes State Park: Visitors help feed bird feeders and play BINGO games with park naturalists at the nature center.

noisy crane, 10 a.m., at Potato Creek State Park: Admire sandhill cranes in the park while the birds search for nesting sites. Stop by the park’s nature center to pick up a sandhill crane magnet that you can color.

Turtle Talk at Canyon Inn, 2 p.m. at McCormick’s Creek State Park: Meet some of the park’s reptiles and amphibians and feed on their favorite foods. Visitors flock to the nature center.

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