Environmental Roundtable with California Attorney General



BROLLEY, Calif. (KYMA, KECY) – The California Attorney General visited Imperial County on Monday to address environmental issues facing the valley.

At the roundtable, California Attorney General Rob Bonta and local leaders discussed the major environmental issues facing the Valley, including lithium plants, air pollution, and water pollution, and how the state is solving these problems. We discussed how we could contribute to this.

“We are enforcing laws like CE-QA, which requires environmental impact reports to make sure they are analogous to the federal government. We’re getting involved in places and we have the potential opportunity to get involved that way,” Rob explained. California Attorney General Bonta.

Several other issues were addressed at the meeting.

“How it interacts with exposure to pesticides, access to clean water and clean air, and what the bureaucracy can do in terms of enforcement,” Bonta said.

The Citizens Commission director said all industries are welcome to the Imperial Valley, but must follow California regulations to prevent environmental problems.

“We’re definitely going to bring accountability and balance, but we’re in favor of industry, responsible development, climate-friendly development, public health-friendly development,” said Luis Olmedo, head of the Citizens’ Committee. .

California’s attorney general said there is no timeline for when all issues will be resolved in the Imperial Valley due to the complexity of some issues, but said working with local leaders is a good start. .

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