Environmental disinformation is getting weirder



During disasters, people flock to social media to share warnings, coordinate in real time, and share images of destruction. However, some people take advantage of the disruption of breaking news to spread misinformation.

In today’s episode, we explore the rise of fake news in the environmental space, from #HawaiiNotUkraine to news sites spreading misinformation about Wyoming’s climate. We also talk to people who are fighting back, including community fact-checkers who correct earthquake misinformation about X.

Starring Celeste Lovedz, Carline Or Bueno, Jem Bartholomew


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This article, written before Elon Musk took over X, profiled Celeste Loveds and others fighting disinformation on social media. (pointer)

Check out Caroline Orr Bueno’s Substack newsletter, Weaponized, and her articles on the #HawaiiNotUkraine hashtag.

Jem Bartholomew’s article on the rapid growth of Wyoming news sites rife with climate disinformation. (CJR)


Host: Nate Heggie

Interview/Production: Han Jeongyun

Mix by Taylor Quimby

Edited by Taylor Quimby with assistance from Felix Poon and Nate Hegyi.

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