Environmental buzzwords: Greenlanders speak out on climate change




Greenland has the largest ice mass in the Northern Hemisphere, with approximately 80 percent of the island covered by a single ice sheet or glacier.

For many scientists, Greenland is a case study in the effects of climate change, the place where its effects are most pronounced, and where the effects of rising temperatures, warming oceans and melting ice are most severe. may have an impact.

“(Greenland’s ice loss) is on the order of 8,000 to 10,000 tonnes per second,” said William Colgan, a climate researcher at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland.

“There’s a good chance we’ll lose as much as 30 percent (of the ice) in the next century,” he added.

But for the 56,000 people who live on the world’s largest ice-covered island, the reality of climate change is complex, presenting both unexpected benefits and serious challenges, which contribute to mixed feelings about climate change. This is a contributing factor. CGTN spoke with local residents there to share their experiences and views.

About the environmental buzzword series

CGTN speaks with people around the world whose lives are affected by environmental issues such as climate change, plastic pollution and biodiversity loss, and hears from experts in the field about possible solutions. We spoke to Australian experts to learn about a new type of disease caused by plastic in seabirds. We spoke to residents of Greenland to understand the effects of melting glaciers, and learned from residents of low-lying coastal villages that they face rising sea levels on their doorstep. The list goes on. stay tuned!

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