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Muscat: The Environment Agency (EA) has revealed the presence of wooden pillars at the sea turtle sanctuary beach in Ras Al Hadd, Southern Al Sharqiyah Governorate.

A statement was issued on social media and on the basis of posts by some media outlets, which circulated photos of ongoing and unfinished work to install wooden pillars on part of the beach at the sea turtle sanctuary in Ras Al Hadd. . The Ras Al Hadd Nature Reserve has been declared under Royal Decree No. 25/96. Environmental authorities are committed to protecting biodiversity and taking the necessary measures in this regard in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The installed wooden posts do not prevent individuals from crossing the beach at all, but rather impede vehicular traffic to reduce beach vandalism and nest vandalism. Please note that there is an easy walking distance from the parking lot to the shore and that there are no landing activities taking place on the shore where the work is being done. ”

“Responsible tourism, which recognizes the importance of natural resources and their sustainability as the main reason for their abundance, will not be affected. “We need everyone’s cooperation to protect sea turtles,” the statement further said.

“This type of pillar is a safe and environmentally friendly method of construction using natural materials that does not affect the beauty of the beach or its components, and its positive effects can reduce the risk of beach vandalism and irresponsible vehicle driving. It has a significant effect on reducing habitat destruction due to environmental factors.” It has been used in a variety of environmental sites, such as protected areas and natural parks in the Sultanate and other countries, examples of which are numerous. ”

EA runs several annual programs to protect and preserve this important and endangered global natural art, unique to Sea Turtle Sanctuary beaches and several other beaches around the world. is being carried out. These programs include environmental monitoring, field surveys, awareness raising, nest and newborn protection. Some of these programs include the Turtle Commandos program. Over the past three seasons, the program has returned more than 200,000 small stray turtles to the ocean, rescued hundreds of mothers, collected dozens of tons of waste and deformities during beach cleanups, and raised almost I have trained all my turtles. 1,000 volunteers from within and outside the Sultanate will become environmental ambassadors.

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