Environment Secretary Therese Coffey blames rain coming from the ‘wrong direction’ for Storm Babette floods that devastated Chesterfield and Derbyshire and claimed the life of an elderly woman



Floods in Chesterfield.Image: Derbyshire Times

Floods in Chesterfield.Image: Derbyshire Times

Chesterfield and Derbyshire were hit hard by Storm Babette last week, causing severe flooding across the county.

Maureen Gilbert, 83, found her worried son and grandson dead in Chesterfield on Saturday after her street, Tapton Terrace, flooded.

The government’s environment secretary, Therese Coffey MP, later suggested that the direction in which the rain fell had increased the impact of the flooding.

She told the Commons Environment Committee yesterday: [centre]Most of the rain tends to come in from the west, so we usually predict the weather. We have reduced it almost to an art.

“This is rain coming from the other side, and we don’t have a lot of experience with it. So the accuracy of predicting where that kind of heavy rain will fall is not as good as if it were to actually fall. did.

“So the Environment Agency was moving assets away from parts of the country towards Yorkshire and the North East. “But we know there were still some places where we felt we could have used a little more pumping. ”

At least seven people are believed to have died across the country as a result of Storm Babette. Derbyshire County Council reported that around 1,700 homes had been evacuated and around 200 roads had been closed across the county.

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Toby Perkins, MP for Chesterfield, who visited flooded homes over the weekend and helped launch the Flood Victims Appeal, said he is committed to doing more now and in the future to support affected families. said it was necessary to do so.

He called on the Government to provide funding for those affected by the floods, as well as to assess why Chesterfield has flooded again and determine what can be done to protect the town in the future. He said he would call for an investigation.

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