Environment Canada’s top 10 weather forecasts for 2023



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Below is a quick list of the top 10 Canadian weather forecasts for 2023, compiled by Environment Canada Chief Climatologist David Phillips.

1. Wildfire — Forest burning occurred in nearly every jurisdiction in Canada this year, with the total amount of forest burned doubling from previous records.

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2. Wildfire smoke — Wildfires were raging in some Canadian cities, and air quality was worse than anywhere else on Earth.

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3. Hottest summer — It was the hottest summer in 76 years since national records began in 1948.

4. Nova Scotia Flood — Some parts of the state experienced the heaviest rain in more than half a century. Four people lost their lives, including two young children.

5. Wet in the east, dry in the west -While the eastern provinces were exhausted, the western region dried up. In some river basins, glacier-fed water levels are at their lowest in 100 years.

6. Hurricane Lee — Although it wasn’t Hurricane Fiona, Lee still raged at more than 100 km/h and knocked out power to 350,000 homes in Nova Scotia.

7. April Ice Storm — An early April storm brought 12 hours of cold rain to Montreal and nine hours to Ottawa. Ice 37mm high covered everything, accompanied by wind gusts of 60km/h.

8. Cold wave — Despite an overall warm 2023, severe cold warnings were issued for eight states and three territories in late January and February, and several temperature records were broken.

9. Floods in Quebec —- Heavy rains in July caused river banks to flood in south-central Quebec. Two people were killed when a road collapsed in Rivière Eternité.

10. Alberta Tornado — A tornado touched down north of Calgary on Canada Day, bringing winds up to 10 km/h and hail the size of tennis balls. Estimated wind speeds exceeded 275 kilometers per hour.

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