Environment and Climate Panel Discussion at the 2023 MESA Annual Meeting



of Jadariya The Environment Page editors are pleased to feature the following panels and roundtables focused on the environment and climate at the 2023 Middle East Studies Association Annual Meeting (MESA). MESA 2023 will be held in person from November 2nd to 5th in Montreal, Quebec.

We encourage you to attend these sessions, contribute to the discussion, and encourage the continued development of interdisciplinary dialogue on pressing environmental issues at MESA.

Viewers please be careful. register To attend a conference.

Thursday, November 2nd

Social and environmental engineering in the Ottoman Empire during the long 19th century

Thursday, November 2nd, 3pm

Dr. Amal Cavender — Chair
Dr. Stephen Pascoe — Presenter
Serie Akan — Presenter
Sumeyye Kocaman — Presenter
Baris Tasyakan — Presenter

Environmental crisis and political movements in MENA and the Indian Ocean world

Thursday, November 2, 5:30 p.m.

Dr. Wilson Chaco Jacob — Organizer and Presenter
Michael Christopher Rowe — Debater
Zozan Pelivan — Presenter
Conor Kilroy — Presenter

Friday, November 3rd

On the Edge of Lebanon: The Spatial Politics of Community and Infrastructure Development

Friday, November 3rd, 8:30am

Dr. Jens Peter Hansen — Discussant, Chair
Molly Olinger — Presenter
Cynthia Kreichati — Presenter
Dr. Diala Lteif — Organizer and Presenter
Zeead Yaghi — Host, Presenter

climate change, environment, natural disasters

Friday, November 3rd, 8:30am

Reza Sohrabi — Chairman
Dr. Steven P. Gasteyer — Presenter
Dr. Martin Hvidt — Presenter
Lauren Baker — Presenter
Nima Mazaheri — Presenter
Dr. Andreas Rechkemer — Presenter
Ahmet Ozturk — Presenter

Ecocritical terrain: Rethinking Tamasgan and the landscape of the Middle East.

Friday, November 3rd, 11am

Edwige Tamaret Tarbayev — Organizer, Presenter, Chair
Dr. Anna Levett — Presenter
Professor Matthew Brauer — Presenter
Ramyar Rossoukh — Presenter
Tracy Valcourt — Presenter

At the intersection of health and gender in the Middle East in the midst of military, economic, and natural disasters

Friday, November 3rd, 11am

Dr. Livia Wick — Host and Chair
Dr. Farha Ghannam — discussant
Dr. Basak Can — Presenter
Dr. Weem Hamodeh — Presenter
Dr. Aisekan Terzioglu — Presenter
Doaa Hammoudeh — Presenter

Unearthing Capitalism: A Socio-Environmental History of Resource Extraction and Resistance

Friday, November 3, 1:30 p.m.

Dr. Rebecca Gruskin — Host and Presenter
Delen Eltas — Host, Presenter, Chair
Dr. Matin Biglari — discussant
Dr. Brahim El Guabri — Presenter
Mark Drury — Presenter

Ambiguity of sovereignty: humanitarianism, climate change, and the refugee crisis

Friday, November 3, 4:00 p.m.

Mr. Umit Seven — Chairman
Danae Panissié — Presenter
Dr. Nils Lukacs — Presenter
Houman Oliaei — Presenter
Ida Pomeshkov — Presenter

Saturday, November 4th

Environmental destruction and activities

Saturday, November 4th, 8:30am

Reza Sohrabi — Chairman
Professor Kaveh Ehsani — Presenter
Dr. Kagdas Dedeoglu — Presenter

Removing Doubt: The Production of Natural Knowledge in the Ottoman Empire

Saturday, November 4th, 8:30am

Yasemin Akcaguner — Organizer and Presenter
Dr. A. Tunchi Sen — Chair
Professor Nir Shafir — Debater
Mariam Patton — Presenter
Dimitrios Jagtzoglou — Presenter
Cem Turkoz — Presenter

Environmental anthropology and the Middle East

Saturday, November 4th, 3pm

Dr. Saeed Ashan — Organizer, Chair
Tessa Farmer — Presenter
Dr. Anne Menery — Presenter
Sophia Stamatopoulou Robbins — Presenter
Dr. Caterina Scaramelli — Presenter
Peter Habib — Presenter
Munira Khayat — Presenter

Sunday, November 4th

A new approach to the political economy and environmental history of Ottoman Greater Syria

Sunday, November 5th 11am

Dr. Samuel Dolby — Host and Presenter
Dr. Resat Kasaba — Presenter
Dr. Shereen Seikaly — Presenter
Elizabeth Williams — Presenter
Nora Barakat — Presenter
Hrysihan Islamoglu — Presenter

Arabian Petrofiction

Sunday, November 5th 11am

Dr. Rachel Green — Host and Presenter
Yasmin Khayat — Presenter
Shah Alon — Presenter
Nur El-Din Hussein — Presenter

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