Environment Agency to investigate Horncastle flood plans



At its peak, there were 29 flood warnings and 32 flood warnings issued in the county.

This has resulted in flooding of properties, particularly in the town of Horncastle, and has raised concerns about the operation of flood retention areas.

The Environment Agency has made it a priority to find out what happened in the operation of the Horncastle flood mitigation scheme.

The Environment Agency’s chief engineer has been asked by Environment Agency chief Philip Duffy and regional director Lee Edlin to launch a thorough investigation as widespread flood response incidents continue.

The sluice gates in the plan did not work properly automatically. This means that the flood plans were not able to store as much flood water as they were designed to do. This may have affected some properties near the Bein River.

Lee Edlin, Regional Director for the Environment Agency, said:

We recognize that the flood mitigation plan has not been able to reduce flood risk to the extent planned. We will continue our investigation and ensure we learn from the results.

The flood mitigation scheme is currently operated manually. As the risk of flooding remains high in many areas, our teams remain on high alert and the Lincoln Incident Room is open seven days a week.

The Environment Agency is committed to keeping local communities informed of what is happening. Their community intelligence officers were in Horncastle on Friday and over the weekend, offering assistance and speaking to local people to gather information about what happened. They also attended an event hosted by local community leaders at the community center on Monday. They will continue to work with the community as more information becomes available.

Although Storm Babette has passed, the county’s river systems remain full and the ground is saturated. Further rainfall could cause rivers to respond quickly. The risk of flooding will therefore remain high over the next few days as the peak moves through the system.

The Environment Agency is urging people to be cautious. People are urged to stay away from swollen rivers and avoid driving through floodwaters, as even just 30 centimeters of water is enough to move a vehicle.

You can also check your flood risk, sign up for free flood alerts and keep up to date with the situation at https://www.gov.uk/check-flood-risk , call Floodline 0345 988 1188 or follow us We encourage people to do this. For the latest information on flooding, follow @EnvAgency on Twitter.

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