‘Enough is enough’: USPS employees in Milwaukee hold rally Sunday over hostile work environment and wage theft



MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — A hostile work environment, wage theft and unfair disciplinary action are just some of the conditions USPS workers in Milwaukee have faced for years, they alleged Sunday.

On November 5, dozens of people rallied outside the post office on West St. Paul Street in downtown Milwaukee, many holding signs and chanting chants.

“Fundamentally, we are asking to be treated with basic human dignity,” said postal worker Travis Albert, co-organizer of the event. ”

Albert told CBS 58 that the purpose of the rally was to highlight how workers are being forced to respond, adding, “Enough is enough.”

Mr Albert said: “There are many incidents of assault on the streets and I feel they are not taken seriously.In case of an emergency, management is not available to answer the phone. I’m also struggling,” he said.

Added to that are claims of employee wage theft.

Darius Holmes, MBA representative for Branch 2, said, “We have to fight why our wages are being changed and why we aren’t being paid in full for the work we’ve done.” “This is just a stepping stone to something bigger.” And more importantly, it’s basically keeping us all safe inside and outside the post office. ”

Several city leaders also came to support the rally.

“Everyone in the workplace has the right and should have the right to safety on the job,” said Milwaukee District 4 Supervisor Ryan Clancy.

Pam Fendt, president of the Milwaukee Area Labor Council, agreed: “The issues you are facing are very serious and need to be brought to light.”

Albert said Sunday’s participants should show worker solidarity.

“This proves how serious the situation is,” Albert said.

The workers want management to work with the union to find workable solutions and “means to mitigate and respond appropriately” if they become victims. said.

In the meantime, what can the community do to help?

Simple things to do include turning on lights outside as it continues to get dark, especially early in the day, and reporting to authorities if you see a crime or assault occurring.

CBS 58 reached out to the USPS for a response to the allegations made at the rally, but did not receive a response by deadline.

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