Employees believe short naps are necessary in modern work environments, survey finds



The hustle and bustle of the modern workplace can be draining, and employees are increasingly looking for ways to stay energized and focused throughout the day. Research shows that in today’s demanding work culture, many employees feel that short naps are essential to staying productive and healthy.

Taking cues from Japanese work culture, the practice of “inemuri,” or taking short naps during work hours while at work, is hailed as a long-standing tradition that contributes to a healthier working environment. A report by Genius Consultants, a staffing solutions and HR services provider, highlights the importance of sleep in combating fatigue and fatigue in daily work. This habit is thought to increase efficiency, contribute to the overall well-being of employees, and foster a positive workplace culture.

Data shows that almost 94% of employees surveyed feel they need short nap breaks during work hours, while only 3% disagree. This highlights the stress and burnout scenarios faced by employees on a regular basis, which causes them to seek breaks during working hours, it added. I write in a unique style.

The survey surveyed 1,207 employees in banking and finance, construction and engineering, education, FMCG, hotels, HR solutions, IT, ITES and BPO, logistics, manufacturing, media, oil and gas, and pharmaceuticals on September 25. Based on online research. Until October 27th.

According to the report, a significant 82% of respondents believe that incorporating short nap periods into the office environment can contribute to improving overall work efficiency. Conversely, 12% do not share this perspective.

Additionally, the study revealed that 60% of employees regularly deal with extreme fatigue and fatigue in their daily work. In contrast, 27% of respondents said they had never felt more fatigued while at work.

The report highlights that almost half (49%) of employees would be willing to work an extra hour if they were allowed a one-hour nap break during work hours. However, his 36% of respondents do not agree with this proposal.

Interestingly, a significant 78% of employees believe that sleeping has a positive impact on job satisfaction and can contribute to improved overall employee happiness. Furthermore, while 64% of employees feel that taking a short nap after work hours greatly contributes to improving work-life balance, 21% do not see any benefit from practicing “sleeping.” the report points out.

“The findings of our recent report highlight the evolving awareness of workplace wellbeing. This data shows that an overwhelming 94 per cent of employees support short nap breaks during work hours. “These insights can help improve work efficiency, promote employee satisfaction, and lead to healthier employees.” It reveals the possibility of achieving a healthy work-life balance,” said RP Yadav, Chairman and Managing Director, Genius Consultants.

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