Egypt and Argentina explore environmental cooperation



Egypt’s Environment Minister Yasmin Fouad met on Saturday with Argentina’s ambassador to Cairo, Gonzalo Oriolaveta, to discuss expanding environmental and climate investment opportunities, engaging the private sector, combating climate change and conserving biodiversity. We talked about how.

Fouad works with the government and various partners to connect the environmental sector with economic and social dimensions, leading to changing the environmental dialogue and maximizing environmental and climate investment opportunities in Egypt. He shared success stories from Egypt.

He also tackled waste issues based on the concept of circular economy, promulgating Egypt’s first waste management law in 2020, establishing infrastructure for landfills, intermediate stations and recycling plants, and defining waste. He highlighted Egypt’s experience in establishing a management system. Roles and responsibilities.

Mr. Fouad proposed cooperation to implement some of the investment opportunities in the environment and climate sector. The investment opportunity was prepared by the Environment and Climate Investment Unit of the Ministry of Environment and displayed through Egypt’s first environment and climate investment online platform. Feasibility studies on promising investment opportunities in areas such as ecotourism and green investments.

The Argentine Ambassador expressed the similarities in the two countries’ interests in environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and private sector involvement, noting that many Argentine companies offer environment-related products and services, which could be achieved by working together. He pointed out that this creates a huge opportunity to invest in the environment. Fields of municipal waste, agricultural waste, and industrial waste management.

The Ambassador also spoke about opening more communication channels to discuss cooperation and investment opportunities at government, private sector and civil society levels, as well as the possibility of repeating the “Go Green” campaign in his country.

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