Educating students with environmental awareness through sustainability partnerships



On Friday, Nov. 3, ETSU students gathered to pick up trash that had fallen into the stream just outside of campus, behind Cootie Browns.

From geoscience students to environmental health majors, ETSU students have come together to protect the beautiful Earth we love. The weather was beautiful outside, so the students gave up their afternoon to spend the afternoon hanging out with the trash pickers in their waders. The support has been great, whether it’s to get extra course credit or just to get outside.

“This is a super partnership. We work with the Department of Earth Sciences, Earth Sciences Club, Sustainability, Facilities, and the Boone Watership Partnership, a community organization that works with multiple partners to try to identify water resource issues. We are partnering with you to address those issues,” said Ingrid Luffman, ETSU Earth Sciences Professor.

It’s always heartening to see communities come together to tackle an issue, whether it’s clean water or something else. We often hear people say there is no such thing as Planet B, encouraging us to take care of the beautiful planet we live on.

Photo of Brush Creek with high water levels. (Contributed by Ingrid Loughman)

Urging others to take action on the issues around them, Rahman said: Should someone do something about it? …So someone is me and someone is you. So one of the lessons I’ve learned in doing this work is that by choosing how you live your life and how you spend your time, you can make changes just by doing what you do. It may mean that you can bring about. ”

You may not be an earth science major or work in sustainability, but you can take action to contribute to the overall health of our beautiful city, region, and world. There are many ways. It could be picking up trash on the side of the road or encouraging others to be more conscious about their choices.

Of course, change starts with you.

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