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YORKTOWN, Va. (March 8, 2024) The award-winning Naval Weapons Station Yorktown Cheatham Annex’s Environmental Department received another prestigious honor on Monday, March 4. Jeff Kistler, Installation Environmental Program Director, and Jason Oliver, Wastewater Program Manager, were in Harrisonburg, Virginia, to receive the Platinum Level Award of Environmental Excellence presented by the Virginia Water Environment Association (VWEA). did.

Specifically, Cheatham Annex has been named a recipient of the (VWEA) Platinum Level Award for Environmental Excellence in the Industrial Waste and Pretreatment Environmental Excellence category for calendar year 2023. This is the first award given by VWEA to a naval facility in the Hampton Roads area. Both Kistler and Oliver drove from Yorktown to Harrisonburg on the morning of Monday, March 4, to receive the prestigious award during VWEA’s annual conference.

Nominations for this award are made federally by publicly owned treatment facilities and locally by the Hampton Roads Sanitary District (HRSD). Conditions for nomination and award include consistent achievement of 100% compliance with issued pretreatment permit requirements and regulations in the Platinum level category for a minimum of five years, and a dedication to Pollution Prevention (P2). Includes demonstration of. Reduce/eliminate or conserve waste by implementing an environmental management system (EMS).

Naval Weapons Station Cheatham Annex currently has the longest continuous compliance record within the Virginia Tidewater Region and HRSD Area of ​​Operations, having been in compliance with industrial wastewater permits and regulations for more than 20 years.

In 2023, HRSD recognized Cheatham Annex (CAX) for exemplary permit compliance and excellent pollution control practices for the 2022 calendar year. HRSD recognized CAX and other area facilities and businesses that treat wastewater before discharging it into HRSD’s systems. This effort helps protect waterways and other natural resources in the region. In 2023, HRSD recognized CAX with the Diamond Excellence Award (P2) in the Pollution Prevention category, recognizing perfect compliance from 2003 to 2022. This is one of the longest and most perfect compliance records ever. NWS Yorktown received the Platinum Award for Perfect Compliance from 2018 to 2022. In 2023, JEB Little Creek Fort Story also received the P2 Diamond Excellence Award for its pollution and prevention efforts from 2010 to 2022. HRSD also awarded Gold Awards for Pollution and Prevention to Naval Support Operations – Portsmouth Annex in Hampton Roads, Dam Neck Annex at Naval Air Station Oceana, and Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown.

About the Virginia Water Environment Association (VWEA). VWEA is a member organization of the Water Environment Federation (WEF) and collaborates with many other industry organizations, including WEF and the Virginia Chapter of the American Water Works Association. VWEA currently has over 1,750 WEF and VWEA members. They include civil and environmental engineers, biologists, chemists, local and state government officials, treatment plant managers and operators, laboratory technicians, students, professors, environmental scientists, equipment manufacturers and distributors. It is included.

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