Dubbo landowners protecting our environment



Penny Sharpe Minister for Climate Change and Environment

Eighteen treaty holders across the Dubbo region protect 8,163 hectares under conservation agreements funded by the NSW Government, with 95% of the land permanently protected.

Minister Sharp said private land conservation efforts by farmers and property owners across New South Wales were critical to protecting threatened species.

“Landowners in Dubbo, and across the Midwest who have signed agreements with the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust, will discuss how we can continue to protect the environment and ensure the survival of endangered species. This is an example of what we can do to secure this,” Minister Sharp said.

More than half of the protected areas in Dubbo LGA are covered by funding arrangements where landowners receive an annual management fee in exchange for managing the protected areas.

The trust’s annual management fee helps smooth out the peaks and troughs in farm income, which will become increasingly important in a changing climate.

Minister Sharp said: “For many people, in addition to protecting their land for their families and future generations, there is the added benefit of receiving an annual management fee.”

NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust regional manager Glenn Harpley said landowners across the Midwest were recognizing the benefits of managing conservation sites on their property.

“We work with landowners across the region to help them manage native vegetation and protect the habitats and native animals they take pride in on their properties,” he said. Ta.

“Private land conservation efforts by farmers and property owners across NSW have protected more than 200 threatened species across almost 3% of NSW.”

Managing conservation lands under NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust conservation agreements requires the assistance and advice of ecologists and support staff. With more funded conservation agreement opportunities expected to open later this year, now is the time to learn more.

Landowners interested in preserving their private land should visit www.bct.nsw.gov.au or call 1300 992 688 for more information.

What is the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust?

The NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT) is a New South Wales government agency tasked with protecting and enhancing biodiversity on private land across New South Wales. Established under Part 10 of Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

What is private land conservation?

Private land conservation is the protection of native species and habitats on private land. Landowners enter into long-term contracts to maintain and enhance biodiversity on their land.

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