Draft EPA rule would require removal of lead drinking water pipes



Under the rules proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), water systems must: Replace lead service line within 10 yearswith limited exceptions.

A proposal is coming Almost 10 years after the start of the Flint water crisisApproximately 99,000 residents of Flint, Michigan were exposed to lead in this incident.

The exposure is The cause is the water supply switch. it caused Lead pipes can corrode and leach into the water.

There is There is no safe level of lead exposurewhich damages the child’s brain and nervous system.

Currently about 9.2 million lead pipes Providing water to American homes

In the meantime, EPA’s proposal: lower lead levels with this The system must take action.

Currently, water systems must take mitigation actions if 10% of their water samples are found to contain at least 15 ppb of lead.

EPA’s proposal is Lower that number to 10ppb.

“Transitioning from 15 ppb to 10 ppb is a very important public health improvement. It will force a significant number of water systems to take interim measures, such as corrosion prevention,” the EPA’s Water Supply Commission said. Chief of Staff Radhika Fox told reporters.

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