Delhi Environment Minister recommends 7 steps to Center to curb air pollution



New Delhi ,Updated: October 18, 2023 05:46 IST

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai has written a letter to Union Minister Bhupender Yadav outlining seven key recommendations aimed at mitigating environmental challenges in the National Capital Region (NCR).

In a proposal to the Center, the Delhi minister asked Yadavs to convene an emergency meeting to deliberate on solutions to curb air pollution in the city and also ban on pre-season firecrackers and stubble burning. also requested.

In his letter, Rai requested the central government to take the following steps to check air pollution in Delhi:

  1. Mandating CNG or electric vehicles for public transport: Rai suggested that all public transport commuting from NCR to Delhi run solely on compressed natural gas (CNG) or electricity, significantly reducing carbon emissions.
  2. Ban on stubble burning in NCR: To curb incidents of stubble burning in the NCR region, strict regulations need to be imposed to prevent this harmful agricultural practice.
  3. Convert industrial units to natural gas: Industrial facilities in the NCR state that are still using polluting fuels must immediately transition to piped natural gas and significantly reduce emissions.
  4. Upgrade your brick kiln. With polluting brick kilns prevalent in the NCR state, cleaner technology needs to be introduced to minimize air pollution and environmental damage.
  5. Ensuring stable power supply to residential communities: To reduce dependence on diesel generators, we need to ensure stable power supply to all housing societies in the NCR state and encourage a shift to cleaner energy sources.
  6. Complete ban on firecrackers as in Delhi: Rai suggested that like Delhi, the NCR state should also implement a comprehensive ban on firecrackers to reduce the deterioration of air quality, especially during the festival period.
  7. Regulation of non-purpose vehicles on outer expressways: Non-destination vehicles should be directed by state governments to use the Eastern and Western Peripheral Expressways immediately from their initial point of entry to ensure reduced traffic congestion and pollution in residential areas.

On this issue, the Minister of Environment said that with these measures, a 30 percent reduction in pollution levels was observed. In his letter to Yadav, Gopal Rai said that to combat pollution, the administration needs to control pollutants in the NCR and for this, systematic coordination with neighboring countries needs to be introduced. said. It originates from neighboring states,” Rai claimed.

date of issue:

October 18, 2023

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