Current country environment is not favorable for elections: EC



The commission said political differences between political parties remained unresolved through dialogue and negotiation.

The Electoral Commission (EC) believes that the country does not yet have the favorable environment expected for free, fair, inclusive and participatory elections.

In a concept paper sent to media editors on Thursday, the Election Commission said political differences between political parties remain to be resolved through dialogue and negotiation.

“The main opposition parties are holding their ground, relying on street demonstrations to rally support and show off their strength,” the newspaper said. “However, the committee does not believe this is a solution to the anticipated crisis. I haven’t thought about it,” he said.

The committee will hold a workshop for media editors on October 26 titled “Next 12th National Assembly Election: Role of the Media and People’s Expectations.”

The concept paper also emphasizes that resolving the crisis is a political issue and that the Election Commission will not be directly involved.

The commission notes that the country has adequate electoral laws and that where there is a lack of harmonious coordination between these laws and the prevailing political culture, He pointed out that it may be difficult to achieve the desired objectives.

“In a multiparty democracy, disagreements, disagreements, and crises are inherent in the system. It is more productive to leave behind political vendettas and mistrust and seek compromises and solutions through dialogue.” Absolute tolerance, mutual understanding and solidarity are essential elements “to maintain a stable democracy,” the concept paper states.

The Election Commission further provides support for both local and international media in promoting free and fair voting, deterring the use of force and illegal funds, and resolving political crises and other election-related issues. He said the committee could play an important and useful role.

According to EC sources, 38 editors were invited to the workshop.

Meanwhile, the EC is already preparing to send election materials. According to EC insiders, the goods will be sent to the Dhaka region today.

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