Controversial mining project files lawsuit over EPA veto



Pebble Partnership argued in a statement Friday that the EPA’s veto was issued before the permitting process was complete.

EPA made its decision based on the Clean Water Act’s provisions, which allow restrictions on mining activity in the Bristol Bay watershed, without waiting for the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to complete its permitting process.

This bay is home to the world’s largest single sockeye salmon fishery.

“The most appropriate place to decide whether to proceed with a project is within the regulatory process and free of political interference. USACE has issued an environmental impact statement [EIS] It was a process to evaluate the Pebble project, and EPA fully participated in this process as a collaborating agency,” Pebble Limited Partnership CEO John Shively said in a statement.

“The conclusions EPA asserted in its veto stand in stark contrast to the Pebble Project’s final EIS, which clearly demonstrated that the project could be developed without harming the Bristol Bay fishery.”

The Pebble mine project has been vocally opposed by conservation groups, who have praised the Biden administration’s decision, but conservative celebrities including Donald Trump Jr. and then-Fox News host Tucker Carlson have also criticized the plan. sought to prevent it.

In 2020, the Army Corps under then-President Trump denied key permits for the project, which is currently under appeal.

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