College Democrats slam Biden as ‘indifferent’ to climate change after COP28



College Democrats call on the Biden administration to cancel the Willow project, reduce oil drilling on federal lands and put more emphasis on tackling climate change, calling on the president’s ‘indifference’ to climate change following COP28 meeting criticized.

In a letter to President Biden shared with The Hill on Wednesday, the Democratic National Committee’s university advocacy arm urged the administration to fulfill its climate pledges and called on Congress to pass environmental protection legislation.

“Every time we wake up and become indifferent to the issue of climate change, we slide deeper and deeper into a global environmental crisis,” the group wrote. “Effects ranging from rising sea levels, unprecedented climate change, increased frequency of natural disasters, and deteriorating air and water quality are putting the fate of our young planet at risk.”

President Biden has attended two previous climate change summits, but did not attend the United Nations climate change conference in Dubai.

The president has approved the Willow project in Alaska and accelerated gas exports to Europe, infuriating climate change activists and young voters. The US move makes Europe the nation’s biggest gas exporter, as the continent faces an energy crisis due to Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine.

The plan to expand natural gas exports caused a stir even within the Democratic Party. Just last week, Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) urged people to stop investing in foreign gas plants, citing $1.8 billion in spending on foreign fossil fuel plants this year. requested the government.

“The United States cannot sit on a barstool and preach temperance, and right now the United States is drunk on producing and exporting oil and gas,” Markey wrote last week.

During a climate summit in Dubai, the administration presented a new plan to cut leaks caused by methane production, the largest component of gas, in hopes of reducing one of the sources of harmful pollution.

By helping the liquefied natural gas industry increase production and exports, the administration faces pushback from environmentalists and Congressional Democrats.

“Failure to avert climate disaster is a national failure,” the student group wrote in the letter. “Therefore, we call on our elected leaders at all levels to leave the world to their children and grandchildren, and to young people across the country, in the same pristine state that they inherited it. ”

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