Climate change group spends $80 million to tout Biden’s environmental record



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Speaking at the Tioga Marine Terminal in Philadelphia on October 13, Biden announced seven regional hydrogen hubs that his administration hopes will spark a clean energy revolution.


Advocacy group Climate Power will spend $80 million on advertising to draw attention to President Joe Biden’s climate change and environmental issues ahead of the 2024 election, the group announced Monday.

The ad campaign’s primary purpose is to inform voters about the president’s broad policies on climate change and clean energy. Biden entered his office with ambitious goals to reduce domestic emissions that contribute to global warming. He also led the passage of the Inflation Control Act, the largest investment in climate action in U.S. history.

But even as Biden has directed his administration to prioritize climate change and clean energy, polls this summer show his message is not getting through to voters.

A July Washington Post/University of Maryland poll found that fewer than one-third of Americans surveyed were familiar with the IRA, compared to those who had heard little or nothing about it. 71% of people had never heard of it. But the same poll found that respondents broadly supported initiatives included in the bill, including tax subsidies to help pay for electric vehicles, solar panels and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems.

The same poll found that 57% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of climate change.

“People overwhelmingly support what President Biden has done to combat climate change, but only if they hear about it,” said Lori Rhodes, executive director of Climate Power. Ta. “Our campaign plans to fill the information gap on clean energy planning by meeting Americans where they are and talking about climate change progress.”

Climate Power has launched digital and TV advertising and plans to continue spending on both platforms into 2024, according to a fact sheet provided by the group. It has launched a campaign to mobilize Latino voters on the issue, focusing on a digital campaign to reach young voters on social media. The group is also organizing in-person events in key battleground states such as Arizona, Georgia and Michigan.

Climate Power has an advertising campaign partnership with the nonprofit sector Future Forward. Future Forward’s nonprofit arm has helped pay for some spots so far this year.

In addition to Climate Power’s new campaign, Biden also received support from four environmental groups earlier this year. LCV Action Fund, NextGen PAC, Sierra Club, and NRDC Action Fund jointly endorsed Biden in June, marking the first time all four groups came together. So.

The Biden administration has also received praise from the youth-led climate group Sunrise Movement after moving to create the first-ever U.S. Climate Corps. But the president has also been criticized by environmental groups for greenlighting some major fossil fuel projects, including the Willow Project in Alaska and the Mountain Valley Pipeline in West Virginia.

Fix: This headline and story have been updated to clarify the types of ads on Climate Power and to reflect that Future Forward’s nonprofit arm helped pay for some ads.

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