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Rudin Steele, a Clayton County resident and leader in clean energy generation, worked with SACE to advocate for clean energy and distribute Inflation Reduction Act handouts at the Rivers Alive Stream Cleanup.

julian harden | December 7, 2023

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On a crisp fall Saturday in Clayton County, Georgia, residents of Jonesboro gathered to take action to protect the environment. The venue for the rally was Swint Elementary School, a tranquil setting that provided the ideal backdrop for the day’s mission: Rivers Alive Stream Cleanup. Children, parents, and community members They volunteered their time and energy with one goal in mind: to restore and revitalize local waterways by removing trash and debris.

The Rivers Alive Stream Cleanup was a huge success. volunteer People from all backgrounds work tirelessly to remove waste from local waterways.The changes have been dramatic, making our waterways cleaner and healthier. demonstrate Community engagement in environmental management.

The event’s success extended beyond cleaning. This was a testament to the power of community cooperation in promoting environmental protection.

Rudin Steele, a resident of Clayton County and a dedicated member of clean energy generation, is excited about the opportunities for community members to promote clean energy and eliminate fossil fuel pollution while working to clean up the environment. I wanted it to be recognizable.. Rhudine sat down with us at SACE during the event to share valuable insights and resources. about New financing opportunities for home energy upgrades to save energy and reduce utility bills, and how to play a role In the generation of clean energy.

This information was particularly appealing to many parents and community members who want to reduce their utility bills while contributing to clean energy efforts. Along with Rudin, I actively engaged with community members, especially parents.shared information aboutTax credits and rebates that reduce the cost of investing in home energy efficiencyInflation Control Act (IRA). Most of the people we spoke to had no idea about IRA bills or the large financial incentives available for investing in clean energy upgrades.

In an engaging conversation, we highlighted the sustainable aspects of clean energy and the potential for households to reduce energy use.Use of infrared energy. The event was a means to raise environmental awareness and a platform to take concrete steps towards a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable future.

Taking one conversation at a time to create a sustainable legacy

Of all the materials we shared, the flyer explaining the benefits of an IRA received the most interest from community members. The tax incentives and rebates IRAs offer for home clean energy and energy efficiency upgrades have the dual purpose of empowering homeowners to make sustainable choices while reducing energy costs. It’s effective.

In conversations with members of our community, one conversation at a time, we think: Let’s create a cleaner future together.

Participate in clean energy generation

We are grateful to Rudin, her parents, her children, and all the Jonesboro volunteers who helped clean up the waterways.together, we are participating in the clean energy generation movement. Starting now, we will create healthier communities and a safer, more sustainable environment. No matter your age, income, postcode or ability, you can play a role. You don’t have to have the answers. Learning more is a great way to start. Please join us. We share ideas, resources, tools, and practices to show how we can all be part of the transformation.

You can read our blog about the power of clean energy generation here or get involved using the link below.

Participate in clean energy generation

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