Cities Climate Action Summit 2024: Greening the built environment



Smarter lighting, a greener future

Smart lighting is an important part of sustainable urban infrastructure, both inside and outside city buildings, and can reduce energy use and improve safety and livability. In particular, LED lighting is more energy efficient, durable, and controllable than traditional lighting technologies. By replacing street lights, public buildings, and outdoor spaces with LED fixtures and smart lighting controls, cities can achieve significant energy savings, reduce light pollution, and create safer and more attractive urban environments. Masu.

These technologies have been at the center of SmartCitiesWorld’s coverage of urban environments in recent years, and will be a focus of discussion at the summit.

In addition to retrofitting and smart technologies, the summit will also emphasize the need to include climate resilience and adaptation measures in the design and planning of the built environment. As the frequency and severity of extreme weather events increases, cities must prioritize resilience to protect infrastructure, buildings, and communities from climate-related risks such as floods, heat waves, and storms. This includes efforts such as strengthening green infrastructure, using resilient building materials, and decentralizing energy systems to improve resilience while reducing environmental impact.

The summit will bring together city leaders, policymakers, urban planners, and technology leaders to discuss innovative strategies to make the built environment a key part of climate action.

The summit will also consider the role of policy and governance mechanisms in driving change in the built environment. Through regulatory incentives, financial mechanisms, and capacity-building initiatives, cities can create an environment that supports sustainable building practices and foster collaboration between public and private stakeholders. Discussions at the summit emphasized the importance of stakeholder engagement and community participation in shaping the future of the built environment, ensuring that climate action efforts are comprehensive, equitable, and aligned with local needs and priorities. You will be able to respond to matters reliably.

The Urban Climate Action Summit brings together leaders and stakeholders from a variety of sectors and backgrounds to highlight the importance of the built environment in tackling the global climate crisis. By adopting innovative solutions such as retrofits, smart buildings, and smart lighting, cities can capitalize on opportunities to reduce emissions, improve resilience, and create healthier, more sustainable urban environments. As urban populations continue to grow and climate impacts worsen, the Summit serves as a call to action for cities to make the transformation of the built environment a central part of their climate strategies.

The full Cities Climate Action Summit 2024 agenda will be published soon, but in the meantime, you can find out more by clicking the button below to preview what’s coming and register your location.

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